Starlink beats operators with the highest speed on the Internet

Starlink is designed to be a service dedicated to rural areas and to guarantee access to the Internet in unusual situations. It should not compete directly with traditional operators, having average speeds below their offers.

The truth is that this scenario seems to be being reversed in many countries, with Starlink having a service above expectations. In the scenario found in Europe, Portugal has a unique position. In our country, Starlink beat all operators and offers the highest average internet access speed.


Portugal ahead in Internet access speed

Ookla's Speedtest Intelligence report shows that Starlink was fast in Europe during Q2 2022. It surpassed average fixed broadband download speeds in 16 countries and achieved download speeds above 100 Mbps in 10 countries. In contrast, fixed broadband only achieved average download speeds above 100 Mbps in six countries: Romania, Spain, PortugalFrance, Hungary and the Netherlands.

Starlink was fastest in average download speed in Portugal, with 123.01 Mbps, Netherlands (122.43 Mbps), Austria (112.01 Mbps), France (110.98 Mbps) and Belgium (110.40 Mbps). Romania and Spain were the only countries with fixed broadband to surpass Starlink in terms of the fastest average download speed, reaching 131.41 Mbps and 127.19 Mbps, respectively.

Scenario in Europe is very positive for Starlink

On upload, Starlink in Greece and Austria was the only satellite provider to achieve faster speeds than all fixed broadband providers combined from 19.34 Mbps to 5.14 Mbps and from 17.14 Mbps to 15, 90 Mbps, respectively.

Fixed broadband operators in Spain (99.21 Mbps), Romania (94.23 Mbps), Sweden (92.77 Mbps), France (88.22 Mbps), Lithuania (83.54 Mbps) and Portugal (73.13 Mbps) all recorded average upload speeds of over 70 Mbps, with the closest satellite provider being Starlink in Portugal, with 28.52 Mbps.

Satellite service continues to show its quality

All satellite operators lagged far behind fixed broadband operators across Europe in latency during Q2 2022. Starlink in Spain and the UK recorded the lowest satellite latencies at 37 ms and 39 ms respectively - still a long way from the nearest fixed broadband, which was 14 ms in Germany, Greece and Italy.

Even with the Ookla report showing that Starlink's access speeds are slowing, the result is satisfactory for the company in Europe. Portugal is a unique scenario and where Elon Musk's company has the best performance, beating the average results of all operators.

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