first hydrogen car developed by students


“The car will run.” This was the most heard phrase in the Salão Nobre of Instituto Superior Técnico on the occasion of the roll-out event for the hydrogen-powered car developed by Técnico Fuel Cell (TFC) students.


Hydrogen car weighs 130 kg and has PEM fuel cell technology

The prototype was presented at an event that filled the Técnico Noble Hall and was attended by the former. Minister of Economy and the Sea.

Weighing 130kg, with a shape inspired by a drop of water and just one drive wheel for efficiency reasons, the prototype features PEM fuel cell technology (Proton Exchange Membrane). The use of hydrogen as a fuel guarantees the production of clean and sustainable energy to power the vehicle's electric engine. This way, instead of polluting fumes, pure water comes out as waste.

In a speech in which he assured that “the car will run”, the president of IST also recalled that “Técnico was created to help the country in its economic development, creating technology and knowledge and putting them at the service of people”. “113 years later, student groups like TFC are proof that Técnico continues to fulfill this mission”, he concluded.

The ex. Minister of Economy and the Sea, António Costa Silva, recalled the commitment that brought him to this event. “During the inauguration of the Técnico Innovation Center, the first time I saw the TFC team in action, I promised that, the day the car was running, I would be here”, recalled the retired Técnico professor, who completed a degree here in Mining Engineering and a PhD in Petroleum Reservoir Engineering (the latter in partnership with Imperial College).

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