In tears, Ivo Lucas makes an emotional speech when he wins the Revelation Award: “These last years have not been easy”

Ivo Lucas was the big winner of Revelation Awardthe only one chosen through public voting, awarded on the night of this Sunday, October 2nd, at the XXVI Golden Globes Gala.

The actor did not hold back his tears on stage and began by highlighting the importance of women. “I want to thank SIC for the nomination, congratulate the nominees and I want to emphasize the nominees because it is a privilege to see that women are increasingly capable and have as much or more value than men and can be recognized for their work. This is incredible, this is evolution.”said.

In addition to the team, the singer also thanked his parents: “Sorry if I wasn’t always the most dedicated, most present son, but I was everything to prove to everyone and prove to you that the education you gave me, the values ​​you transmitted to me, brought me here. Thanks Dad. Thank you mother. I love you so much”he said.

“To my friends, to you, to all of you who are with me, they didn’t let me fall. They are the best family I could have chosen. Thanks for not giving up on mehe added, implying that he pointed to Joana Aguiar, who was in the audience, as the actress is named as his new girlfriend. The duo of actors would have approached during the recordings of the SIC soap opera, Love love.

“These last few years have not been easy, but being here is proof that I have the right people by my side and with the right focus, nothing is impossible. I am a kid from Casais Novos, a village near Alenquer, who dropped out of school, dropped everything, to come after a dream and today is a sunny day because this dream is the most real. Thank you all”finished.

The article is in Portuguese

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