On stage, naked woman performs oral sex on MC Pipokinha during show

On stage, naked woman performs oral sex on MC Pipokinha during show
On stage, naked woman performs oral sex on MC Pipokinha during show

Posted on 3/6/2023 11:20 AM / Updated on 3/6/2023 11:21 AM

(credit: MC Pipokinha/Instagram)

Singer MC Pipokinha, known for her sensual performances, once again caused controversy. This time, videos went viral on social networks in which the funk artist receives oral sex from a fan during a show this weekend. In the record, she appears lying on the stage floor, while the fan practices the sexual act.

Then Pipokinha gets up and reciprocates with caresses on the woman’s breasts. The fan, who was naked, even danced a pole dance very close to the singer.

Because of the scene, the singer ended up on the most commented subjects on Twitter. There is no information on where the show took place.

MC Pipokinha cries in concert

MC Pipokinha was the target of the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office, which prohibited the entry of minors in the singer’s concerts because of the explicitly sexual gestures that occur in the presentations. On Saturday (6/3), the funk artist cried and vented during a show. “That’s my job, I’m not a slut,” she said.

On another occasion, the singer took a stand against harassment after a man tried to rip off her panties during a performance. “I didn’t act like a poor thing and started crying. I took the microphone and hit him so hard on the head that I only stopped when his friends asked him to. So he understands that I can be naked, but if I say no, it’s no”.

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