Xuxa presents her new mansion for the first time

Xuxa presents her new mansion for the first time
Xuxa presents her new mansion for the first time

In 2021, Xuxa sold the almost 3000m2 mansion in which she lived in the Malibu Condominium, in Barra da Tijuca, Rio, and started looking for another property. “I looked at several houses in many neighborhoods. It needed to have a place for a bird, a dog… Some spaces were too high, the birds could escape and I wanted to let them loose. Other houses were old and in need of renovations, I also thought about the energy of the people who had lived there”, reveals the presenter. The solution, however, was closer than she imagined, in Malibu itself, behind where the blonde lived. “From my mother’s room, I saw this house being built. It was ready in 2019 and the old residents only stayed here for 2 years”, inform. When he entered the site for the first time, he thought it had little green, but he liked the environment. In addition, the dog Doralice also showed appreciation. “In some properties we visited, she was shaking all over. Here, she relaxed and lay down on the floor.“, the forehead.

Xuxa made the previous house thinking about who lived with her at the time. For mother Alda, who passed away in 2018, she invested in wide doors for wheelchairs, ramps and an elevator. Maria, whom the blonde called her second mother and died in 2021, asked for a room with a window, ventilated, with sunlight and a view of the whole house. Sasha, on the other hand, had to design her own bedroom. “Then my brother, my mother and Maria died, my daughter got married… I used to get the family together at Christmas, which justified a dining room withwith 22 chairs and a huge gourmet space. Everything reminded me of my mother, Maria, Sasha… There was no reason to stay there”it says.

The blonde’s current house has around 900m2. Xuxa expanded the green space of the place, which is home to seven free-roaming birds, such as the Belinha, and four dogs

The current refuge has just over 900m2. Modest measurements when compared to the former properties of the blonde. The reduction in the size of the house follows a pattern that Xuxa has adopted with each new move. She attributes this to maturity and awareness. “We don’t need that much and I still think this house big for me affirm. When she lived on a farm, she raised many animals, like 54 dogs, and was a maintainer for Ibama. The contract required several employees to live on site, including veterinarians and biologists. Afterwards, she went to the famous Casa Rosa, with a total area of ​​around 72,000 m2. “I moved there because Sasha took a long time to go to and from school”, explains. During this period, to reduce her daughter’s transit time, she bought an apartment in São Conrado as a base for the girl to use on days with activities after school, such as ballet classes. “In the end, I only saw her at night. So we went from the pink house to this apartment, which caught fire and forced us to move to the first house in Malibu before it was even furnished,” she recalls. For the Queen, moving property is not a problem. “I lived nice moments in all these places, but I don’t get attached”warns.

Back to the current house, Xuxa took care of all the decoration. He took down chandeliers, provided a studio for photos and recordings, invested in a cinema, filled the space with plants, coconut trees and even a jabuticaba tree. The four dogs and seven birds are released. During the day, birds occupy the room. At night, they move to an adapted space in the garage. “When it gets dark, I catch one or two birds and the others follow me”explains about the daily curfew at the property.

For the decoration, she looked for pieces that were reminiscent of nature and sought help from her friend and artist Bia Doria (62). The sculptor makes use of discarded branches, roots and vines and uses them as raw material to make sustainable works. Xuxa was presented with three items. In the pool is the Ballerina. “It was a tree trunk that received treatment and Bia molded it with plaster as if it were the silhouette of a ballerina. It brings these materials from nature to life.”, describe. Another item that draws attention is in the spacious room: a 6x4m painting with the image of an Indian woman painted on wood. The work was a request by the presenter herself to the artist Rose Samara. “Rose told me that she had stopped drawing, but when I asked for this piece she made it for me and it turned out beautiful! celebrate. The painting arrived little by little, piece by piece, and took a few days to assemble. It is attached to a corten steel wall. “It’s a painting where the finish never stops rusting,” details. The sofa in the living room also required effort from Xuxa. Vegan, she searched for an item that did not have animal raw materials in its composition. “I couldn’t find anything that had vegan fabric, filling and trim. So, I talked to the people at Plenitude Design and ordered one piece with these characteristics. They had never done it before and it was perfect.” celebrate.

As in previous houses, Xuxa invested in a private cinema, in addition to a studio for photo shoots and video recordings.

The Queen, who thought of all the details of her natural castle, lives with three servants, whom she considers family members, and Bruna Marquezine (27), guest of the presenter since she sold the house where she lived. “Ju makes an effort to always be here too, but when he is working or with his daughter, he stays in São Paulo”, she concludes.

For the room, plastic artist Rose Samara developed the painting with the image of an Indian woman. The vegan sofa is by Plenitude Design

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