Anitta reveals techniques for good oral sex and tells of her experience with a friend: ‘I came in 2 minutes’; watch

Anitta reveals techniques for good oral sex and tells of her experience with a friend: ‘I came in 2 minutes’; watch
Anitta reveals techniques for good oral sex and tells of her experience with a friend: ‘I came in 2 minutes’; watch

She really speaks! This Wednesday (17), the episode of Anitta on the podcast “Call Her Daddy“, presented by Alexandra Cooper, was released. During the almost 50-minute chat, the diva opened up about her preferences in bed, talked about her partners and shared sexual experiences and techniques.

Right at the beginning of the conversation, Anitta showed her dancing skills. In addition to teaching the podcast host the famous “Envolver” shake, the muse was asked if she normally incorporates the steps during sex, which she denied. “No way. When the guy asks me to dance, I say: ‘You dance first. You dance, I dance’. Because he never dances, so I’m like, ‘What the f*ck question is that?’”shot the singer.

Still on her love life, Anitta admitted that she has been single for some time. “I’m single, completely single and not looking for anything. I’m very happy with myself. And I haven’t had sex in months. So many months, I can’t even remember the last time I had sex, to be honest with you.”she said.

Anitta on the podcast “Call Her Daddy”. (Photo: Playback/Spotify)

Anitta admitted that she has not even masturbated, which made Cooper laugh. “Listen, I haven’t met anyone special enough to think, ‘Okay, this person deserves to come here, they’re worth it.’ I haven’t found that yet.” confessed.

However, the artist admitted that in the past, her sexual adventures were much more frequent. “I was crazy before. I used to have sex even with people who crossed my path on the street. I said: ‘You, come here’. I was like that”, she revealed. The confidence to go after her romantic interests was only possible because she lived the “Anitta character” 24 hours a day.

What does a person need to have to captivate Anitta?

About her type, the diva was even more direct: [Meu tipo é] breathing and alive. There’s something inside me that comes up and for some reason, I just feel it. So I don’t have a type. I can show you three ex-boyfriends and you won’t understand because they are so different.”.

“I like funny people. I love it when they’re funny. When they make me laugh, I’m like, ‘Ah! Love it!'”she exclaimed, spreading her legs, and bursting out laughing with the presenter. “When they show confidence. I like aggression, but in a good way. Not an abusive relationship (…) I had an abusive relationship and today, after dating this guy for a year, if I’m starting something with someone, in a month I already know if the relationship is abusive and then I leave”, guaranteed.

Anitta didn’t mince words when talking about her partners and sex life. (Photo: Playback/Spotify)

Reflections on a long period without sex

For Cooper, Anitta also revealed that she has been rethinking how she sees relationships and her sex life. The artist confessed that, currently, she has found value in her solitude. “I hope no one has to go through this to change their lives. But when I was sick, in bed, thinking I was going to die, I started thinking about everything I’ve been through in life. And I started to see all the things I didn’t want to happen again. And it’s not that I don’t want to get laid, for God’s sake I’m here, I’m open, I’m free tonight (laughter). I just want to say that I’ve been rethinking why and how I used to do things and I want to do things differently.”he declared.

“I don’t want to sleep with a guy to make him fall in love with me. Or because I don’t want to lose him. I want to get laid because I want to, because I feel like this guy deserves this queen [que eu sou]. And before, I didn’t like to be alone. I needed to have my house full of friends, all the time I needed people. And now? I do not need anyone. I can be alone for days, cook for myself, and think, ‘Life is wonderful. I just want to stay cool.’ And I think we have to ask ourselves: why are we afraid of silence? What is our side that we are afraid of? What don’t we like about ourselves that we don’t want to face? I’m not saying that I regret the many people I’ve had sex with, I’m just saying that nowadays, I don’t feel that need. Maybe next month I’ll feel like having sex with a thousand people again, but now I feel like… is it worth it? reflected.

However, she assured that she is ready and open to get involved with new loves, but for that, she needs someone who makes it worth it to get out of singleness. “I even want [transar], but it needs to be a good penis. It has to be a penis, a brain, a tongue, and many other things. He knows? It has to be… a mixture of things. Because sex demands a lot. For me it’s a lot of work, I like to put on a little show. I like to enjoy it, I enjoy this feeling of dancing and performing”he explained.

Dr. Anita will take care of it

In addition to asking about the Brazilian’s personal life, Cooper took advantage of the meeting to learn from Anitta. Questioned if the ability in oral sex would be an obstacle for the singer to start a relationship, the diva assured that it would not. “I teach. I say, ‘Come here, let me tell you something. Do this, do that’. And I don’t like it when the guy arrives and sticks his tongue out hard. You get scared! My God, I don’t like that”explained the brunette, who even went so far as to demonstrate what she doesn’t like when partners fall head over heels.

After clarifying that she has not been having sex with men, but only with women lately, Anitta then shared a recent experience she had with a friend. “I was teaching a friend of mine how to perform oral sex and she looked at me and said, ‘Oh, is it that easy?’ And I said yes. I came in three minutes, she came in two”, said. “Were you practicing on each other?” asked Alexandra, and Anitta confirmed: “Yes!”.

Next, the Brazilian shared her wisdom with listeners: “First, for the boys and girls listening, for sucking women. In my opinion, it’s different for everyone, the things I like may be different from the things other women like. Me personally when I’m doing [sexo oral] in women, I go slowly. I make circles, top to bottom, then side to side, slow and wet. And not like you’re eating pasta. It’s more like eating ice cream, which is cold and you can’t freeze your tongue. I go slowly and then I put a finger, nice and slow, making light, smooth movements, you know? I don’t go out acting like crazy, I just follow the rhythm and the girl guides you”.

“With guys, I always use oil, when I can, when the guy isn’t full of mimimi, because some guys don’t really like to use it… I love using lubricant. I love. And some guys think you’re not doing a good job, shut the fuck up, it’s much more pleasurable with lube.” she added, before demonstrating her technique on a water bottle. “It makes the guy super confused because it looks like a blowjob but it’s not”said Anitta, after the demonstration.

Finally, the singer revealed that she usually uses a mouth guard when performing oral sex on her partners, as the sensation would be more intense. “Dentists in Brazil hate me for this”she joked.

Check out the chat in full:

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