Mother who lost baby denounces PSP and HU for negligence | General

Mother who lost baby denounces PSP and HU for negligence | General
Mother who lost baby denounces PSP and HU for negligence | General

Couple was DPPA, where he suffered another disappointment (Photo: Cntia Piegas – DP)

The drama of a mother who lost her baby in the eighth week of pregnancy became a report of incident and complaint to the Public Ministry (MP) in pellets. The situation was diagnosed on Monday (19), but hospitalization for curettage, due to the missed abortion, was scheduled for the 28th, as the patient had tested positive for Covid-19. The wait and anguish for the loss of the baby leave Franciele Rodrigues Crizel, 26, unhappy. The family fears a possible infection and the possibility that she will not be able to give a brother or sister a five-year-old daughter in the future. In addition to the physical pain, the patient feels the emotional shock caused by coming and going to the Emergency Room of Pelotas (PSP) and to the Hospital Universitário São Francisco de Paula (HU-UCPel).

According to Franciele’s mother, Elisngela do Amaral Rodrigues, who is a fisherwoman at Colnia Z-3, the service was neglected. “How are you going to leave my daughter with a dead fetus for so long, and it can rot inside,” she vented. Franciele’s saga began on the 19th, when she sought the PSP with pain in her lower abdomen. “They did the exams and told me to go the next day to ‘Clinics’ to do the curettage. I returned on the scheduled day, but the allegation was that I couldn’t be hospitalized because it was a holiday”, she says. “I was instructed to return to the ER the next day and, again, they took me to the hospital, where they took an exam and tested positive for Covid-19. That’s when I discovered that I could only undergo the procedure on the 28th, after the isolation period.”

On Wednesday, the pain intensified and the patient sought emergency care again, where she spent the night being medicated. On Thursday morning (22), however, she was discharged. “I was told that only if I had a lot of bleeding, because the touch exam showed that the placenta was intact”, said the young woman, who after having her daughter in 2017, has already presented hemorrhagic conditions. That’s when the family decided to register the fact with the police.

At the Police Station of Emergency Care (DPPA), another disappointment. In the search for justice, she heard that she shouldn’t even be there because of Covid-19. Although fragile, she left the place with the police report and decided to go home for isolation. The complaint to the Public Ministry was made by Elisngela, who is now waiting for concrete results and actions that can preserve her daughter’s health.

The direction of the Emergency Room of Pelotas (PSP) confirms all consultations, with some considerations in relation to the report of the patient who, on the 19th, was admitted to the emergency room for pain in the lower abdomen. The pregnant woman underwent a transvaginal ultrasound, which identified a missed abortion (pregnancy retained within the uterus after embryonic or fetal death) and which, for the eight-week gestation period, was not a dead fetus, according to the explanation of the doctors who attended her. .

Also according to the direction of the PSP, at the return visit, a new evaluation identified that the cervix was closed and there was no bleeding. At that moment, two possibilities of mother management were offered: expectant, which can take up to 30 days, when the body itself expels the retained material, or hospital admission to perform uterine curettage. According to the note, the pregnant woman herself decided for expectant management and was instructed to return if she changed her mind.

According to the medical record, on Wednesday, the patient returned to the PSP and underwent a new evaluation, which detected that the cervix remained closed. At the request of the patient, the doctor made the referral for her to be admitted to the Maternity Unit of the HU to perform the curettage. However, as the result of the Covid-19 test, a standard procedure, was positive, the medical team advised Franciele to carry out the isolation at home and return within seven days, or if she had bleeding, she would undergo a new evaluation. This Thursday, after possible bleeding, the young woman was seen and underwent a physical and gynecological examination, which did not confirm the report. “As the cervix remains closed, the patient is able to wait for expectant management or until the coronavirus isolation period is completed to be hospitalized and perform the curettage”, informed the PSP board.

J o HU preferred to comment on the matter in an official note and succinctly. In it, the administration clarifies that the patient was referred to the Maternity Care, where she was welcomed, evaluated, and according to the clinical picture and medical conduct, the procedure was scheduled. She was also oriented to immediately return to the service, in the event of any intercurrence.

The report heard experts who prefer not to be identified, given the situation. They confirm that this is the standard procedure, as long as the patient is not bleeding from placental abruption. And hence the only emotional complication. The case is now with the Police Specialized in Assistance to Women (Deam) and with the Public Ministry. “I don’t know how to explain what I’m feeling, whether it’s anger, sadness. I know I’m groundless, aimless knowing that my son is inside me, lifeless. I’m trying to be strong for my daughter.”

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