Covid-19. Restaurant sector recovered “relatively well” from the pandemic

Covid-19. Restaurant sector recovered “relatively well” from the pandemic
Covid-19. Restaurant sector recovered “relatively well” from the pandemic

“THE The industry suffered, it had consequences, but it recovered relatively well”, Miguel Pires, co-author, along with Duarte Calvão, of the food blog Mesa Marcada, responsible for awarding the prizes, which are in their 14th edition, told Lusa.

Almost three years after the start of the pandemic, which had a strong impact on the catering sector, there is “a consequence that has not yet been fully recovered”, he commented.

“There is a huge lack of personnel. With the great impact of tourism before the pandemic, this difficulty already existed, and during and especially in the post-pandemic, it has been one of the biggest complaints, that of getting ‘staff’ again” , said the food critic.

“Perhaps people will start to look more at their lives and want to party, even with everything we know about Ukraine, the war, a certain crisis that is in fact installed, but at the same time restaurants seem in general, at least those who are a bit of a certain elite, are working very well”, he added.

The 2022 awards ceremony, which took place tonight at Gare Marítima de Alcântara, in Lisbon, also marked the return to the face-to-face ceremony, after two years in virtual mode due to the pandemic. In total, there are 15 distinctions, including a novelty, attributed to the best event in the sector (Chefs on Fire, by Gonçalo Castel-Branco), “one of the areas that suffered the most” with covid-19.

Miguel Pires highlighted as the main novelties the distinctions awarded to the best chef (Vasco Coelho dos Santos, “Euskalduna”, one Michelin star, Porto) and to the best restaurant (“Ocean”, chef Hans Neuner, two stars, Porches), after, for six consecutive years, these categories have been won by João Rodrigues and the restaurant he headed until April last year, “Feitoria” (one Michelin star, Lisbon).

“Another peculiarity is that it is the first time in 14 years that the prize goes outside Lisbon”, he pointed out.

Another entry that Miguel Pires highlighted was “Seiva” (chef David F. Jesus, Leça da Palmeira), which received the Estrella Damm Highlight of the Year Special Award, a restaurant “vegetarian, creative, authorial and a small project” .

The Cutipol Career Special Award distinguished chef Paulo Morais, who won the first Michelin star in the 2023 edition for his restaurant “Kanazawa”, in Algés, having been the most voted by the panel of 25 chefs, who in his name or of the restaurant, were in the Top 10 or won one of the Mesa Marcada special prizes in the last five years.

The complete list of the “10 Favorites of Mesa Marcada” includes 380 restaurants and 268 chefs, and was determined through the voting of a jury made up of journalists, ‘bloggers’, gastronomes, chefs and other professions in the gastronomy and catering industry, in a total of 235 voters, which, according to the organization, “constitutes one of the largest participations ever”.

Some awards have a more restricted jury, namely pastry, sommelier, room team or entrepreneur of the year.

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