How can physical activity help with immunity? -webrun

How can physical activity help with immunity? -webrun
How can physical activity help with immunity? -webrun

We are used to hearing that physical exercises are good for our immunity, preventing various diseases, improving cardiovascular and cardiorespiratory capacity, in addition to reducing fat, stress, helping to gain lean mass, improving mood and fighting sedentary lifestyle.

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Research reveals that physical exercises practiced in the right way are also great for immunity. “When we do any type of physical exercise regularly, we promote an increase in lymphocytes, which are immune system cells capable of fighting pathogenic agents such as tumor cells or even cells infected by viruses and bacteria. “, reveals the staff of Rovertraining, School of Advanced Movement, Victor Capella.

The health advantages are diverse and guided by a physical education teacher, it improves the quality of muscle, heart and lung tissues. It also improves the immune response of the body’s defense cells.

Victor Capella indicates that it is recommended to practice light to moderate aerobic activities such as running, walking, swimming and cycling for at least 30 minutes every day, which may vary according to the chosen modality. Physical activity is essential to combat chronic metabolic diseases such as diabetes mellitus, obesity and to reduce the risk of viral or infectious diseases such as the flu virus.

“We should seek guidance from a physical education professional and pay attention to the intensities applied in the types of training performed because in cases of strenuous or high-intensity exercises, these stimuli will promote the opposite effect on the immune system, leaving the individual more vulnerable to new diseases. and infections.” reports the staff.

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