Autoeuropa hides the presence of “legionella ”from workers | legionella

Autoeuropa hides the presence of “legionella ”from workers | legionella
Autoeuropa hides the presence of “legionella ”from workers | legionella

Volkswagen Autoeuropa, in Palmela, has confirmed the presence of legionella in the factory’s air system, but did not shut down the equipment or alert workers, a source inside the company revealed.

In the presence of legionella has already been confirmed by the PUBLIC with Volksagen Autoeuropa, which guarantees that there is no infected person and that it is complying with the applicable law in this matter.

“Volkswagen Autoeuropa is closely and permanently monitoring this situation, with no record of infected or symptomatic people”, assures the company, in a written response sent to the newspaper late this Thursday afternoon.

Autoeuropa adds that “it has implemented a plan for the prevention and control of the bacterium legionellain strict compliance with Portuguese legislation in force”.

The information revealed by the source inside the factory indicates that “cases of legionella in several air treatment systems and that the company did not turn off the equipment as soon as it learned the results of the analyses, continuing to work” and that, so far, “it has not warned workers to be on the alert for possible cases”. The same source adds that “there are positive analyzes and counter-analyses to cases”.

The presence of the bacteria was detected several days ago, but the company does not say when.

The company claims, however, to have activated the security protocols. “Following this regular monitoring carried out by Volkswagen Autoeuropa, the presence of the bacteria was detected in technical equipment in one of the production areas. In view of this occurrence, Volkswagen Autoeuropa activated and reinforced all the safety procedures established for this situation”, says the note.

The official source of Autoeuropa also concludes that “the protocol of action provided for in the Plan for the Prevention and Control of legionellanamely in terms of monitoring and chemical and organic control foreseen for these situations”.

The Volkswagen factory in Palmela employs around 5400 workers.

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