Lisbon’s crazy parties

Lisbon’s crazy parties
Lisbon’s crazy parties

A new era opens up in Lisbon’s nightlife, or so it seems. It even gives the idea that the pandemic in this particular has done some people good. Maybe we’ve come to value life more or have a more real perception that it’s better to enjoy it while we can because everything can change at a glance. This is beginning to be reflected in entertainment with the emergence of more and more well-thought-out parties, structured with concepts that are effectively put into practice, with dress code finally respected and this brings another magic to the contents that are being presented. Parties start to appear that arouse the interest and curiosity of many, reminiscent of the old days but in a different format logically suited to these times. You think again about what you do and do it well and as people join and ask for more and more, new ideas and new projects appear. This is a great sign for those who like to have fun but are not satisfied with anything.

I had already said here that people get fed up more and more easily, it’s all very ephemeral and instantaneous, one day they want to go to one side and the next they go to another. In this regard, clubs will inevitably have to reinvent themselves, on pain of falling into a space of subalternity where only bandits or under-23 generations go. The first to show signs were precisely the restaurants that turn into dancing bars. An idea put into practice for many years abroad and that has more and more followers here. In the last three weeks, we have seen three major birthday parties for spaces that have stood out in this market. First a “Go wild for a while” that invaded Praia no Parque by the irreverent animal world, largely because of our decoration of the space with traces of urban jungle. Then it was Descarado to have a party with dinner and open bar for some hand-picked guests and this week it was Palácio do Chiado’s turn to celebrate with several djs and a very eclectic program. Three nights, three big parties in three different weeks made very good people hungry for invitations.

But it’s not just spaces in the center of Lisbon that the party is held and magical evenings and nights are provided. I have already addressed the topic of new production companies that are holding themed parties in which people incarnate characters and the dream that was lived and that for some years remained dormant due to the democratization of the night can be breathed again. Now it’s time for beach spaces to also improve and finally come up with really differentiating products. Projects that we saw in Tulum (Mexico) or in some Greek islands where everything revolves around a program that unites physical well-being and the mind, where people feel free to express their essence and that promotes an offer that from food to yoga sessions or late-afternoon parties where everyone can give free rein to their imagination without being bound by prejudices or stereotypes. After the Yamba project on Bolina beach in Costa da Caparica, Casa Reia is now a transformative project that has become a real highlight this summer.

On the 1st of October, a big party is announced at the Praia da Princesa bar, also on the coast. The enigmatic invitation comes with a skeleton in the image and presupposes another themed party that is generating a lot of curiosity these days. The values ​​practiced are being adapted to a new reality that charges dearly for those who want to be different and the quality is paid for. It doesn’t seem to drive away those who want that difference. In Lisbon, more specifically on Calçada do Livramento, there is also a new space at Casa de Goa. Go a, in the middle of the viewpoint, has a considerable garden and also offers offers very similar to the Casa Reia. This promises the new time in the capital, which I hear has new and interesting projects in the pipeline. A new life for the city that needs it.

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