“An extraordinary program”: Vila Real Theater with 50 multidisciplinary proposals until December – Showbiz

“An extraordinary program”: Vila Real Theater with 50 multidisciplinary proposals until December – Showbiz
“An extraordinary program”: Vila Real Theater with 50 multidisciplinary proposals until December – Showbiz

It is an “intense” program that, according to the Mayor of Vila Real, Rui Santos, said on Thursday, it crosses two dimensions: global and local and “strongly projects” the theater into the country’s artistic scene.

The proposals vary between theater, dance, music and cinema.

“It is an extraordinary program. We can compare ourselves with any city of equal size. It is a dynamic, diversified program, covering a wide range of audiences and it is also a program with a very low cost and in some cases even free for those who want to come here”, stressed the mayor, who was speaking at a press conference.

In 2021, the celebrations of the 20th anniversary of the classification of the Alto Douro Vinhateiro as a UNESCO World Heritage Site started at the Vila Real theater with the opera Mátria and, a year later, on December 14, they also end in this venue.

Rui Santos said that, on that day, the theater will host the “world premiere” of the symphonic piece “Traços de Esplendor”, by Fernando Lapa with Orquestra do Norte.

It is, he explained, a show organized by the Liga dos Amigos do Douro World Heritage, with the support of the North Regional Coordination and Development Commission (CCDR-N) and the Vila Real Chamber.

Before, on December 7th, the celebrations of the 750th anniversary of the granting of the first charter to Vila Real take place.

The councilor for Culture, Mara Minhava, said that the event includes a historical and institutional framework of the event, as well as a concert by Teresa Salgueiro and that the organization has the high sponsorship of the Presidency of the Republic.

The official also said that challenges were launched for collaboration projects between local creators or performers and artists of national dimension and exemplified with the Galandum Galundaina that they will share the stage with the Vila Real project Trouxa Mouxa, “in a celebration of traditional Trás-os-Montes music” .

The director of Vila Real theater, Rui Araújo, explained that “this intense” program prepared for the last quarter of 2022 results from “postponements that have been happening throughout the year” and that have now been scheduled.

The Douro Jazz music festival returns from October 4th with six concerts and is headlined, according to the official, by the performance of North American Stanley Jordan, “one of the greatest jazz guitarists today”.

“All concerts have a special appeal. There is one of them that is sung in Mirandese, there is another that is a tribute to Carlos Paredes, the great Portuguese guitarist, LUME which has 15 musicians on stage, or the Orquestra Jazz do Douro, here in Vila Real, which gives a concert with a trio ‘Elas e o Jazz’”, he pointed out.

Also included in the municipal theater’s program is the Ponto de Guitarra cycle, with three concerts, including one by the Argentine Roberto Aussel, as well as a performance by the Ukrainian pianist Yuliia Kompaniiets.

Among the 10 proposals in the field of theater presented for this quarter, four premieres include: “Paris” created and performed by Ángel Fragua and Mara Correia, “Cosi Run Tutti” by Teatro Palmilha Dentada and Intervenção – Associação de Intervenção na Pratica Artística, “Pulmão” by Duncan Macmillan and staging by Ana Nave, and “Teia” by Urze Teatro.

In these months, the “Backstage Conversations” continue, a project started in September that proposes a journey through art based on the biography and experience of artistic personalities from the region, such as Isabel Nogueira, Fernando Lapa and Carlos Azevedo or João Botelho.

The local community will be involved in training actions and workshops and, in this sense, Rui Araújo highlighted the contemporary dance show “Margem”, based on the novel “Capitães de Areia”, by the Brazilian Jorge Amado, which will count on the participation of of eight children from Vila Real.

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