Municipality of Albufeira with 100% electric buses

The Municipality of Albufeira is committed to the modernization of the GIRO urban transport network, replacing diesel by 100% electric vehicles.

Since yesterday, September 22, five hundred percent electric buses (2 minibuses and 3 standard buses) began to circulate in Albufeira, out of a total of 23 electric vehicles that, by the end of the second half of 2023, they will integrate the entire fleet.

The presentation of the five vehicles was carried out on the day that marks the European Day Without Cars and the European Mobility Week, next to the Ferreiras Church, in a symbolic ceremony, which was attended by the Mayor, José Carlos Rolo, elements from the council, representatives of the Barraqueiro Group, João Santos and Mateus Silva, the member of the Executive Committee of POSEUR – Operational Program for Sustainability and Efficiency in the Use of Resources, José Guedes, and representatives of the electric vehicle construction company.

The five electric vehicles were customized with the image of the GIRO that everyone knows, but with the predominant green color, instead of the blue used previously in the vehicles to be diesel, to attract attention and have a greater impact on users. Subsequently, when all electric vehicles enter into circulation, all buses will have this characterization, which will allow the population to easily identify the moment from which the fleet will become fully electric.

It should be noted that the 23 electric buses were acquired by the concessionaire company, from Grupo Barraqueiro, under the POSEUR program.

The new vehicles will start operating on an experimental basis, which allows that, until the effective start of the concession, scheduled for December 1, any difficulties that may arise can be resolved, says the mayor of Albufeira. “These are new vehicles, with technology much more efficient than those used by the operator in other services, so we consider it extremely important that we can test them in a real context”, underlines José Carlos Rolo, who explains that due to the current constraints in terms of Regarding the delivery of new vehicles, it is expected that, only during the second half of 2023, it will be possible for the entire fleet under the new concession to be electric.

The Mayor of Albufeira also takes the opportunity to highlight that the entry into operation of electric buses “contributes to improving the quality of life in the municipality, since it is a less polluting means of transport, with significant contributions at the level of of environmental sustainability. Just to give you an idea, it should be noted that CO2 emissions go from 6,436.55 emitted for every 1000 km traveled on buses to diesel (current GIRO) to just 671.60 KgCO2 emitted for every 1000 km traveled on electric buses. If we think about an interval of one year, and comparing the current fleet of 10 buses with the future fleet of 23 buses, these values ​​go from 32,182.74×103 KgCO2 emitted (10 buses to diesel) to 772.34×103 KgCO2e emitted (23 electric buses)”.

On the other hand, the number of lines increased from 5 to 11 and the number of bus stops from 135 to 210, increasing the total capacity of the fleet from 496 to 1331 seats. The number of wheelchair spaces is also increased from 10 to 23, with the possibility of transporting bicycles on some lines of the new GIRO, which ultimately results in an exponential increase in the number of passengers transported, improving effective service. provided to the population and to those who visit us, says the mayor.

It should be noted that all buses have lift platforms and air conditioning, and new services will be made available under the new concession, including a mobile app, online ticket office, online consultation of circuits and timetables, which will allow for monitoring in real time from the stop where the vehicle is. Currently, the GIRO network serves the locations of Albufeira, Branqueira, Páteo, Marina, Ferreiras (downtown) and Estação da CP. With the entry into operation of the new lines, GIRO will also pass through Olhos de Água, Rocha Baixinha, Malhada Velha, Fontainhas, Cerros Altos, Mosqueira, Patroves, Galé/Salgados, Vale Parra, Guia and Algarve Shopping.

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