Anesthesiology consultation case scheduled for after the operation

Anesthesiology consultation case scheduled for after the operation
Anesthesiology consultation case scheduled for after the operation

The director of the Anesthesiology Service of the Local Health Unit of the Northeast (ULSNE) goes public with his version of the news advanced last week, which reported that a woman from Mirandela had been notified by the hospital to inform about the postponement of a anesthesiology consultation for a date after a surgical intervention to which she was going to undergo at the Macedo de Cavaleiros hospital.
Armando Telo Cordeiro now says that the user in question missed a first appointment and that, as a result, the operation would have to be postponed. Even so, he admits that the services made a mistake when they scheduled a date for the operation without first having an anesthesiology appointment.
In the news advanced last week, we realized that a woman from Mirandela had surgery scheduled for September 27, at the Macedo de Cavaleiros hospital, but was notified by letter that the anesthesiology appointment, scheduled for September 14, had been unscheduled and rescheduled for October 3, that is, for after the date of the operation.
This woman’s husband considered it unacceptable that two hospitals managed by the same entity had not resolved a situation created by lack of internal organization
However, the case was resolved by rescheduling the anesthesiology appointment to a date prior to the surgical intervention.
Now, the director of the anesthesiology service at the ULSNE says that it was missing to say that the user did not attend the first appointment. “She had an anesthesiology appointment scheduled on August 30, which she missed without giving any explanation. Even so, a new appointment was scheduled for September 14th, which, due to medical leave of a colleague of mine from the service posted in Mirandela, had to be postponed to October 3rd and therefore only after the appointment and the exams were carried out did the patient should be operated on, of course”, adds Armando Telo Cordeiro, guaranteeing that the user “would be notified of the postponement of the operation”, which had not yet happened, claiming that the news “was on top of the event when they scheduled a date for the surgery”. consultation after the surgery that would not happen”, he adds.
Even so, Armando Telo Cordeiro admits that the operation should not have been scheduled without the anesthesiology consultation. “If this appointment was made, it was improper, because it is only after the patient has had the consultation and the preoperative exams that she will have the approval to be able to be anesthetized and operated on or not, but what often happens is that they intersect data and the patient as she had an appointment scheduled for the 14th and eventually scheduled the surgery for the 27th, since there was time, provided that everything went within normality”, he says.
The director of the anesthesiology service at ULSNE makes it clear that these are situations that the internal system cannot control. “The three hospital units belong to the same local unit as the services, now there is no such combination that the orthopedic service knows that the patient has an appointment and will be operated on that day, because the system does not alert that the patient already has an appointment or you don’t have it or whether you will have the surgery or not”, he concludes.
Anyway, the case is resolved, since the woman already had her anesthesiology appointment last Wednesday and the operation will actually take place on September 27th.

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