Vila Verde company honors driver on the day he enters the renovation (and goes viral)

Vila Verde company honors driver on the day he enters the renovation (and goes viral)
Vila Verde company honors driver on the day he enters the renovation (and goes viral)

The construction company DVM, based in Oleiros, Vila Verde, prepared a surprise for its oldest employee, driver José Pires, on the day he entered the renovation. The tribute from colleagues and bosses quickly went viral on social media, where praise for the initiative abounds. DVM did not expect such a success, but thanks it, especially because there is a vacancy for a driver to fill and there have already been many candidates.

By 1:00 pm this Friday, the original Facebook post of the video with José Pires’ tribute had 78,000 likes, 1,600 comments and 2,400 shares. “The three million people reached have already passed”, tells O MINHO the marketing and communication director of DVM, Vânia Costa.

José Pires, the oldest employee in a company with a “very young” workgroup, was loved by everyone. From Vila Verde, he had already worked in other companies of the relatively recent business group.

But it is not so much the duration of the bond, but the “intensity of the relationships”, something that is “highly valued” in the DVM and that conveys “a more positive message”, points out Vânia Costa. “People have reacted with a lot of emotion, because there is a sense of belonging in the collaborators that is mirrored in this video”, she emphasizes.

José Pires, who, despite the retirement age limit, “was still a very valid picture”, was cherished by all his colleagues and directors, who are also present at the tribute. “He is a friendly, useful and helpful person, who has everyone’s affection and, therefore, people joined the initiative very quickly”, notes the marketing and communication director.

“Today is the day to honor our Mr. José Pires, DVM driver. He is an example for all generations, especially for the younger ones, for all the time of dedication, commitment and good disposition with which he dedicated himself to the DVM. We are grateful and proud to see him reach retirement age with infectious energy and in our company. It is part of our history and we hope that in the future, too”, can be read in the description of the video shared by DVM.

However, no one expected the video, posted on the company’s Facebook page, to go so viral. “In fact, it exploded”, observes Vânia Costa, noting the “thousands of comments, all of them positive”.

DVM also took advantage of the virality of the ‘post’ to announce that it is recruiting for the driver’s seat left vacant by José Pires, as well as locksmiths’ assistants, construction supervisors and factory workers.

Applications can be sent to [email protected]

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