PSD asks for data on inspections of homes and responsibilities in the case of Boliqueime

PSD asks for data on inspections of homes and responsibilities in the case of Boliqueime
PSD asks for data on inspections of homes and responsibilities in the case of Boliqueime

In a request addressed to the Minister of Labour, Solidarity and Social Security, the Social Democrats repudiate “the inhumane conditions”, reported by various media, in which an elderly woman was institutionalized in Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Boliqueime, Loulé (district of Faro), who, however, died.

“It is absolutely essential that public entities, in the various aspects of their action, are attentive and ready to intervene to avoid these less dignified or inhumane situations for our fellow citizens, especially for the most fragile and vulnerable, namely the elderly. But, more than a reactive action, preventive action is required”, defends the PSD.

Although an investigation opened by the Public Ministry is already underway, the PSD parliamentary group wants to investigate “not only the circumstances in which the alleged mistreatment of the elderly woman took place, and to determine possible responsibilities, but also to determine the regular functioning of this Residential Structure for Elderly People (ERPI), a situation that must be checked by the Social Security Institute”.

In the questions addressed to the Government, the PSD deputies want to know how this Institute monitors the functioning of the ERPIs in the social, solidarity and private sectors, “namely regarding the number of visits, the regularity/periodicity and what the monitoring rules are”.

“What is the number of inspection actions carried out by Social Security at ERPI, in the years 2020 to 2022? And how many cars were raised? And how many closure orders were issued for lack of operating conditions? And how many culminated in the closure of ERPI?”, ask the Social Democrats, in the request addressed to Minister Ana Mendes Godinho.

Specifically about the case now reported, the PSD also wants to know how many follow-up visits and inspection actions have been carried out to the ERPI of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Boliqueime in the last three years, as well as their conclusions of consequences, asking the Government to make available the reports that resulted from these actions.

“On what date did the Social Security Services become aware of the case in question? What steps were taken by the Social Security Institute, and when, to determine possible responsibilities for what happened and now denounced by the media and, especially, to prevent new situations from happening?”, they ask.

On Thursday, the Minister of Labour, Solidarity and Social Security, Ana Mendes Godinho, defended that this case should be “investigated until the last circumstances” and called for the reporting of similar situations.

The official said that Social Security had had a complaint “at the beginning of this month and, shortly after the complaint, triggered the investigations it is doing”, and there is also a “participation on the part of the Public Ministry”.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office “is investigating the facts in question, having determined to carry out a medico-legal autopsy as part of an investigation that has been launched in due course”, confirmed the Attorney General’s Office, after being questioned by Lusa.

Several media outlets released a video, which circulated on social media, showing an 86-year-old woman lying on a bed with dozens of ants on various parts of her body.

The elderly woman died a month after this episode, which took place last July.

For its part, the Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Boliqueime announced, through the social network Facebook, that it had opened an investigation to determine responsibilities in the alleged case, which it classified as “serious negligence”.

The private institution of social solidarity stated that the “inquiry of a disciplinary nature” was determined after having become aware of the video shared on social networks denouncing the case.


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