Braga had more than one million visitors at the White Night

Braga had more than one million visitors at the White Night
Braga had more than one million visitors at the White Night

The White Night of Braga from year to year, from edition to edition, has gained a dimension far beyond the borders of the city of the Archbishops. This event brings visitors from all over the country, making it one of the high points and expected of the Cultural Program of the City of Braga.

This year, the White Night lasted for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of September, and received more than one million visitors who could count on the management of tourist apartments in Braga to accommodate them with all the necessary conditions.

White was the color for three days and two nights.

After two long years of interruption and a lot of expectations, Braga, the people of Braga and more than a million guests, returned to dress in white.

The White Night of Braga brought with it a program full of experiences and emotions with around 150 activities. Exhibitions, street entertainment, concerts were some of the activities planned for those who wanted to have fun and make the most of this fantastic city. The museums in Braga also had their doors open for those who preferred to make their visits during the night hours, such as street shops.

This reference of the Minho culture offered activities suitable for all ages, including some specially designed for children, with numerous initiatives that pleased everyone.

Bracara Augusta, the city prepared to receive

When organizing an event of the magnitude of the White Night of Braga, in addition to the agenda full of many initiatives, it is necessary to take into account other details for everything to happen perfectly. In order for the event to always remain in the memory of those who enjoyed it, it is important to reinforce security, the public transport network, among others.

One of the essential points is the accommodation and the ability to receive all guests comfortably.

The management of tourist apartments in Braga allowed those who wanted to make the most of this party, the possibility of staying with all the conditions and amenities. Otherwise, it would not be possible for those who came from further afield, namely people who traveled from the Center and the South, to enjoy the 3 days of White Night.

All those who decided to make the most of it found, all over the city, several accommodation options, thus being able to book the space that best suited their needs. Hotels, rooms or complete apartments, with friendly price ranges for all budgets, were made available to visitors.

More than a million white on the streets

The streets of Braga were filled with joy and animation and more than a million visitors circulated with their white pieces and accessories, in an event long desired by Braga residents and by all those who have already discovered the charm of the White Night.

In the 28 guided tours that took place between museums and cultural and historical spaces alone, around 16,000 visitors were registered. As for the educational and cultural workshops, coordinated by 48 sociocultural animators, around 13 thousand people, including children and adults, attended.

The White Night of Braga, in addition to the hundreds and hundreds of visitors, brings to the city a multitude of people involved in the organization and in the numerous activities proposed, if we don’t see: 29 exhibitions and electrical installations presented by 54 artists, and 17 other artists had the possibility of showing their interventions.

Music also gathered a considerable number of collaborations with 28 musical shows, 37 performing arts performances divided into street musicals and theater performances. In total, 320 artists, 15 entities and around 100 technicians and producers were involved.

The numbers are high and the tendency is to continue to rise in parallel with the notoriety and growth of the White Night of Braga, and that is why it is so important that the city of the Archbishops prepares itself in all the necessary aspects, namely in the offer of accommodation and in the management of tourist apartments in Braga.

For this year, the White Night of Braga is over, but book in the agenda that in 2023, people from Braga will dress in white again and will be with open arms to all those who want to join the party, regardless of where they are from. he comes.

All have space in Braga.

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