The “adaptation” led Diana Moreira to school success

Finishing high school with a “high” average was not a goal for the student Diana Moreira, from Escola Secundária do Marco, but finishing this phase with an average of 19.6 was “rewarding. When I found out that it had been one of the best, it was even more so”, says.

In an interview with Jornal A VERDADE, the 18-year-old says that she has always been a “good student” and without a study method that follows strictly says that the secret “It’s about changing strategy, adapting. Otherwise, I do what all students do.”.

Diana Moreira dedicated herself “100%” to study inside the classroom and, outside of it, he saw in sport a form of “relief. I played basketball, badminton, other school sports, which helped me to better manage my study and set priorities”, guarantees the young woman who supports the “balance” in favor of a “good mental health. When we’re not mentally well, we can’t get good grades.”.

Throughout her school career, Diana came across several teachers who she considers to have been “very important. Not only for the technical part, as they explained things, but the teacher being human. They cannot see us just as a number or the student who has certain grades, but as humans. That makes all the difference”.

It was these teachers who found that the “marked” and “They were extremely important to get what I got. That way it is much easier, it gives us another will and motivation for the discipline”he stresses.

For many colleagues, the young woman was an example to follow. “There was always an interaction of asking for help and explanations. And we often learn the basics of the subject when we explain it to someone else. It can be one of the study strategies”.

At Marco de Canaveses Secondary School he felt “all support”the same he received from his family. “They were always there to help me. My parents gave me a good foundation and always conveyed to me the idea that it is not necessary to go into the madness of study. The important thing is to achieve what we set out to do. For them it is a feeling of pride.”confesses.

Like all the other students, Diana Moreira saw a pandemic appear in a phase “decisive. It was a little more complicated. Taking classes through a computer and trying to keep up the pace turned out to be more exhausting, because there was no start or end time. But I managed to keep the notes.”.

From Sciences and Technologies to mechanical engineering, the young student now embraces a new challenge that “always wanted. I always liked everything that was mechanisms and, the automotive industry, captivated me more for that world, mainly in the area of ​​development of new technologies, of new methods”.

The young student from Sobretâmega recognizes that secondary education can be “spooky”but after his experience, he advises all students to face this phase “Without fear. Don’t be afraid to change and acquire new strategies. If it doesn’t work one way, you have to try another way. Don’t look at disciplines as if it’s the end of the world. And the main thing: the important thing is to compete with ourselves”.

The young Marco from Portugal will now attend the Mechanical Engineering course at the University of Aveiro.

The article is in Portuguese

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