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Brazilians line up to vote in Lisbon at the opening of the polls

Brazilians line up to vote in Lisbon at the opening of the polls
Brazilians line up to vote in Lisbon at the opening of the polls

Brazilians residing in Portugal who vote in Lisbon flocked to the polls in droves in the early hours of the morning, forming a long line at Cidade Universitária, hoping to avoid a second round of the presidential elections.

By the time the polls opened, at 08:00, at the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon, a long queue was already forming at the door, with the first people arriving at the place at 05:00, according to police agents told Lusa. of Public Security outside the college.

For Marcelo Resende, who voted for the first time in Portugal, the large turnout of Brazilians to the polls in Lisbon was “a surprise”.

“Here the line is long, but it doesn’t stop, it’s always moving”, the young man told Lusa, who voted “to change the course of Brazil”.

“May democracy be made, may we change the course of Brazil, may things get better. […] I believe that this current President [Jair Bolsonaro] did not do what was supposed to be done for the Brazilian population, I believe that the change is the best for us to see how things go or not”, defended Marcelo Resende after leaving college after voting.

As for a possible second round of the elections, Marcelo Resende said he believes that “unfortunately” will happen. “People are very divided, so I think there will be a second round”, he stressed.

Eduardo, who wore a t-shirt in support of Bolsonaro, hopes that the country “does not go back to what it had before”.

“The party that had before was a lot of corruption, a lot of things they discovered, so I think it’s better to keep what’s there, for now,” he told Lusa.

Also voting for the first time in Portugal, Eduardo said he was “astonished” by the amount of Brazilians going to the polls in the morning and, therefore, believes that “there will be no” second round.

Caio Arruda, another young Brazilian to vote for the first time in Lisbon, considered that the change of President “is, without a shadow of a doubt” the best for Brazil.

“Fortunately, we have a lot of hope to start a new cycle in the country and leave all this mess behind and, really, come back to believe in our country and that, from now on, we can have more hope for a Brazil better”, said Caio Arruda, who was accompanied by a young woman wearing a red T-shirt that read “Lula livre”.

Caio Arruda also highlighted the speed with which the voting process is taking place, having taken “only one hour”, despite the long queue, and said he hoped there would be no second round.

“If there is, I’ll be here too, but I’m hopeful that in the first round everything will be resolved,” he said.

11 candidates are running for the Brazilian presidential election: Jair Bolsonaro, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, Ciro Gomes, Simone Tebet, Luís Felipe D’Ávila, Soraya Tronicke, Eymael, Father Kelmon, Leonardo Pericles, Sofia Manzano and Vera Lúcia.

If none of the candidates obtains a 50% majority plus one vote on October 2nd, the second round will take place with the two most voted on the 30th.

Consul in Lisbon expects “expressive” participation in the vote

The Consul General of Brazil in Lisbon said this Sunday that the influx of Brazilians to the polls during the early hours leads to expect that the participation of Brazilians residing in Portugal in Brazil’s presidential elections will be “expressive”.

“The influx of people is quite intense, which leads us to suppose that the presence will be quite large, expressive”, told journalists Wladimir Waller, about two hours after the polls opened, at 08:00, at the Faculty of Law. from the University of Lisbon.

The representative of Brazil said that the voting process is going “very well, with a lot of normality” and quickly, with voters taking around five minutes to vote.

However, two of the 58 electronic voting machines that are in Lisbon “had problems and had to be replaced by a canvas ballot box”, in a process that was coordinated with the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), which had to authorize the replacement.

The problem, which has now been resolved, caused a slight delay in opening two polling stations, the consul explained.

Wladimir Waller expressed satisfaction with the way in which the polls are taking place, leaving public recognition to his team that worked to ensure that the transition from 21,000 voters in Lisbon to more than 45,000 went well.

“It is a pleasure to see that the Brazilian residing here provided his electoral card, made the transfer, has the documentation up to date, all of this is very positive, we just have to praise what we are witnessing”, highlighted the consul.

The article is in Portuguese

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