Brazilians in Portugal turn out massively to the polls

Brazilians in Portugal turn out massively to the polls
Brazilians in Portugal turn out massively to the polls

You Brazilians residing in Portugal rushed Massively to the polls for the election of the next Brazilian President.

At the Faculty of Law in Lisbon, since the opening of polling stations, long lines have formed.

The Consul General of Brazil in Lisbon, Wladimir Waller, welcomes the turnout: “It is a pleasure to see that the Brazilian residing here has provided his electoral card, made the transfer, has the documentation up to date. All this is very positive . We just have to praise what we are witnessing.”

Us three consulates in Portugal – Lisbon, Porto and Faro – were 80 thousand voters enrolled.

As in Brazil, Brazilians residing in Portugal are divided on the direction of the vote.

“I believe that this current president did not do what was supposed to be done for the Brazilian population. I believe that change is the best way to see how things are going”, said one, in statements to Agência Lusa.

Another stated: “Let what was there before not come back. There was a lot of corruption and a lot of things that they discovered. I think it’s better to continue what is there for now. As we don’t have other candidates to choose from, we leave what is.”

Two of the 58 electronic voting machines had problems and were replaced with the authorization of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE).

11 candidates are running for the Brazilian presidential election: Jair Bolsonaro, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, Ciro Gomes, Simone Tebet, Luís Felipe D’Ávila, Soraya Tronicke, Eymael, Father Kelmon, Leonardo Pericles, Sofia Manzano and Vera Lúcia.

If none of the 11 candidates on the ballot paper gets a 50% majority plus one vote this Sunday, the second round with the two most voted is scheduled for October 30th.

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