Bolsonaro and Lula supporters stay together to see results in Lisbon

Bolsonaro and Lula supporters stay together to see results in Lisbon
Bolsonaro and Lula supporters stay together to see results in Lisbon

THE later, however, the spirits of supporters of the current President of Brazil rose, flags were waved and the slogan was “Lula to prison”.

“The PSP was very understanding”, admitted Cleuzenir Barbosa, 50, one of the group’s organizers, in statements to Lusa tonight, when most of the results of the polling stations in Lisbon had already been posted.

“I was waiting for the final results, because I organized a group for us to come and the group said they would only go [embora] after those results came,” he explained.

As for what happened in the afternoon, in front of the Lisbon Faculty of Law, where the vote was being held, he considered that “the cries of war” were not an exaggeration.

“I, as a leader, asked for silence and organization and I was heard. Those war cries were something that I didn’t think was exaggerated. It’s a little more emotion, but that’s it, in general it went well”, he said.

Almost next to Bolsonaro’s supporters, dressed in black and in the colors of Brazil, green and yellow, on the same sidewalk, but closer to the University’s Rectory, were Lula da Silva’s supporters, dressed in red, who remained a calmer, with some responding to the more aggressive words of the other group.

“The police just asked them to be quieter, more restrained and I broke the news and they stayed, both on one side and on the other”, reported Cleuzenir Barbosa.

“It seems that Lula won here in Portugal”, but – argued the Bolsonaro supporter – “it is not with the left that Brazil will improve”, then leaving college accompanied by his children.

It was a few minutes after 8 pm when the consul general of Brazil in Lisbon went to the press room to inform journalists that the polls had closed without further incident, not wanting to reveal any numbers.

Voting for the Brazilian general elections in Lisbon was extended until 20:00 today because of the large turnout, announced the consul Wladimir Waller, with about half an hour to go before the scheduled closing time, 17:00.

“With authorization from the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), the voting period in Lisbon was extended until 8 pm”, because of the number of people still in line to vote at the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon, Wladimir Waller told journalists. .

Voting for Brazil’s general elections took place from 8:00 am and polling stations were scheduled to close at 5:00 pm.

But around 4:45 pm, according to data released by the consul, there were about four thousand people in line to vote.

“Then, due to the number of voters still to vote and in order to bring tranquility to the whole process, the Court, exceptionally, as it has done in other countries, authorized the extension of the deadline” for the closing of the polls, he added.

In Lisbon, 45,273 Brazilian voters were able to vote.

Admitting that he still did not have exact numbers on how many people had voted until that time, in Lisbon, the consul general in Lisbon said, however, that he had the “impression that abstention will be low”, given the turnout. This is when “historically, abstention in Portugal is 30%”, he stressed.

“We’ve had a steady stream since 8:00 am and the queue never stopped,” he said.

In addition to Lisbon, the consul explained that the extension of the voting period was also authorized in Dublin, Ireland.

In Portugal, the polling stations in Porto and Faro closed their doors at 5 pm, as planned, with some people who were outside the buildings remaining without voting.

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