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Elections in the PS council of Aveiro: Candidates make arguments

Paula Urbano and Manuel Oliveira de Sousa, candidates for the PS council of Aveiro.


Notí presents the answers to a brief questionnaire sent to the two candidates for the leadership of the PS council of Aveiro in the elections scheduled for October 7th.

Manuel Oliveira de Sousa (‘New cycle’), a candidate for the third term, and Paula Urbano (‘Antipar o futuro’), who emerged as the face of the internal opposition, briefly explain the reasons for running for votes and some of their commitments.

1- Main reasons for the candidacy for the leadership of the PS council, which would you like to highlight?

Paula Urbano (PU) – We want to unite. We don’t want to share. For us there is only one PS in Aveiro. This one must be joined.
Availability to lead a project that aims to affirm the PS, bringing the party closer to citizens, associations and the community.
The poor results of the Socialist Party, in the municipality, in the last local elections and the inability of the PS to assert itself in the opposition to the current municipal executive and as an alternative to it.

Manuel Oliveira de Sousa (MOS) – Open a new cycle in the life of PS-Aveiro so that all processes are consolidated. We all assume that a work to bear fruit cannot be half done. We understand, and have implemented it, that party-political life must have medium/long term planning. Occasional leadership, centered on mere short-term electoral concerns and leading to the choice, appointment and allocation of seats, discredit parties.
1 – By the militants. For those who have given their all for the Party and who see themselves in the thought and action in which politics, and party politics in particular, are rooted in servant leadership so that, within our identity and conception of society, we make our decisive contribution to the common good.
2 – By PS. The recent past of intense party life, weekly agenda, commitment to local leaders, full co-responsibility with all sectors of society and Party bodies, with dynamism in permanent proximity, in constant mobilization and dialogue, as recognized by all .
3 – For the ambition to take the PS further. Renew and consolidate. In the upcoming elections on October 7, a new political cycle will open! It is this cycle that, with renewed determination, consolidation of more Socialist Party in Aveiro, continuous dedication and serious and mobilizing ambition, we assume determined: “New cycle: All for the PS, All for Aveiro” – as the title of the Motion indicates.
4 – By Aveiro. The path we have taken, the decent way of doing politics, with coherence, strategy and vision, politics as everyday life, the constant presence with people, have been an indelible mark of our path.

2- Most relevant commitments for the mandate?

PU – Reinforcement and consolidation of the municipal structure; Reinforcement of collaboration with the Socialist Youth, with the MS-ID structure and with the UA Socialist Students Group; Strengthening the opposition to the municipal executive; Favoring the interaction of militants with associativism; Preparation of the 2025 municipal elections; Improved internal and external communication.

MOS – We don’t have package measures, aligned in a hurry, we present reflection with the militants, in their Parishes!
Therefore, what we want is: To continue to make the Socialist Party a serious, authentic Party, close to the people and their problems, to be present and persistent in all the commitments made! To give credibility to the policy, with authenticity that generates trust. Win Aveiro!

3- What added value do you identify in your candidacy for the party?

PU – Young and experienced candidate. Aggregator. It integrates militants with an active civic participation. With ambition and notoriety. Men and women from different parishes and with different professional experiences.
We intend to change, valuing the past and anticipating the future. Working today with the youth who will rule us tomorrow.

MOS – The Team, the authenticity, the modern sense of being in the parties! The experience! The hope! Young people! The work capacity, vision and daily dedication to PS and Aveiro.

4 – What are the biggest challenges you foresee for the mandate?

PU –Bringing militants who have left the Party closer together; Bringing new militants to the PS; To inspire everyone here to do more and better by example and empathy.

MOS – The same as every day: full dedication to the cause we embrace.
Be strict in fulfilling what we promised in the motion! Be serious and coherent and fight the absurd idea that those who are serious are not fit for politics! To be treated equally in the Media. End the politics of fear and silence. Win Aveiro!

5- Could the fact that they are candidates with several years of presence in the party (elected mayors, presence of local bodies) reflect difficulties or a lower predisposition for the renewal of leaderships and teams?

PU – Of the PS militants who will be able to vote in the October 7 elections, not all of them have actively participated in the political life of the party, so it is possible to renew protagonists. A balance must be struck between youth and experience. The list I present does it. It integrates young and experienced activists. United by the will to collaborate and work for the affirmation of PS in Aveiro.

MOS – We have been creating leaders and teams for six years, from JS to teams in the various Parishes and sectors, always available for party work and mobilizing citizens for political combat, for reflection, for social causes, from the most mediatic to the most effective, those of silence with those in need.
Do you think that going on an internal Campaign to all the Parishes, with debate in a public place, with all the Juntas opening the door for us, which we are very grateful for, is a sign of difficulty?!
To our candidates, to our leaders, to those who are vertically on List B, we promise work, we do not promise or offer places!
In List B there are no difficulties in renewing! We are prepared for anything! The militants decide!

6- What are the reasons why militants should not vote for the opposing candidacy?

PU – I prefer to list the reasons for voting for our candidacy: For us there is only one PS. With men and women available to work daily in the defense of values ​​such as freedom, equality and social justice. We have ambition, we have vision and we want to win elections. In and out of the party.

MOS – I only have one vote and it will not be another candidacy that I will trust. The activists of Aveiro will have to do this exercise: there are two very clear guidelines on how to understand and live party and political life!
I know that in order to lead a Party I cannot support movements against my Party; I know I have to be free every day, be authentic, assertive, bold and resilient. I also know that when we make serious and coherent decisions, there are those who don’t like it and, with the wind, run from one side to another looking for who gives more. If you don’t know where you’re going, you’re not going anywhere.
In order to give my Party credibility, I cannot stop at words, conversation; I have to act, be uncomplicated, have a positive, constructive political and party vision and practices and not be chained to “heartburn” or contradictions, for example: a few months ago our position of broad coalition with the citizens was criticized, now is it stated that it is intended to do this (openness to citizenship)?! The opposition that is made in Organs municipal bodies is criticized and the list is full of those who never expressed an idea when they were there, in the opposition, and, on the other hand, as there are many mayors in the opposition in the other candidacy, statements like these are either “ bluff” or self-criticism! There is talk of anticipating the future (I even believe it, because all that matters is that the future arrives quickly (if that doesn’t work, it’s as usual: leave the Party to whoever wants to “pick up the pieces” and flee to a better place!
In the PS, the responsibility for the management of Party bodies belongs to the militants, to all those who want to participate, and not to one or two.

7- A new municipal cycle is approaching with the term limit of the current mayor. As the leader of the municipality, will you consider making yourself available to be the head of the list for the presidency of the municipality? Or do you already assume that you will opt for another figure, and, by the way, which profile to privilege?

PU – I am applying for a term of office that lasts for 2 years. In 2024, I will be able to run for the presidency of the municipality and be re-elected. The municipal elections will be in 2025. We should be focused on them since September 27, 2021.
The current president of the PS council, if elected on October 7, will serve his last term in office. He will not manage, in 2025, the municipal process.
I assume from now on the search for a candidate, or candidate, who has notoriety, leadership and communication skills, willingness to lead a political project for the management of the Municipality of Aveiro. This project will present clear municipal governance proposals and concrete actions to the people of Aveiro.
It’s too early to make myself available to head the list of the PS’s candidacy for the 2025 local authorities. Other possibilities need to be evaluated.

MOS – Let me be emphatic! point one. A candidate for the Council is a candidate for the Council! It’s not a launching pad to anywhere else.
Point two. When you are President of the Municipality, you should not be afraid of any challenge, neither because of clumsiness (according to the eyes of detractors or political opponents) nor because of political tactics! A President of the CPC assumes himself at all times, even in the face of the greatest imbecilities!
Point three. We always want the best of the best! And even then, sometimes it doesn’t win! That’s how democracy is.
Point four. The profile of the candidate for President of the Municipality has always been defined: the best candidate, which, due to his qualities and merit, gives us the guarantee that the Municipality of Aveiro will choose him for President!
Let’s not anticipate the future with cluttered ideas. Let’s be honest with the people of Aveiro. Experience tells me, and a lot of knowledge of the situation, that this is the moment to say what is true, sensible and appropriate: now we are talking about the candidacy for President of the CPC.

8- A final sentence to convince eventually undecided militants.

PU – Take advantage of the freedom of choice you have in these elections to choose the change that will anticipate the future of Aveiro.

MOS – The final idea is more than evident because the militants already know it well: we did everything that had to be done at the right time. We need this ‘New Cycle’ to, with serious work, win Aveiro. We are always here, for PS and for Aveiro! We do; we do everything for PS and Aveiro!

Candidacy of Paula Urbano (PS of Aveiro).

Paula Urbano

Application motion | Candidate list

Candidacy of Manuel Oliveira de Sousa (PS of Aveiro).

Manuel Oliveira de Sousa

Application motion | Candidate list

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