Spain to train 400 Ukrainian soldiers this month

Spain to train 400 Ukrainian soldiers this month
Spain to train 400 Ukrainian soldiers this month

Spain will welcome 400 Ukrainian soldiers this month to receive training at an Armed Forces academy in Toledo, where the first group from Ukraine arrived this Monday.

The Infantry Academy of Toledo will welcome 400 Ukrainian soldiers this month, to receive training “at the request of Ukraine” – a country militarily attacked by Russia since February 24 – and they will stay in Spain “as long as necessary”, revealed the minister of Spanish defense, Margarita Robles, on 21 October.

Today, the minister received the first 31 of these Ukrainian soldiers, an initial group that is part of the coordination team for the remaining contingent.

In the next few days, another 200 soldiers will arrive in Toledo to begin training, according to the Spanish authorities.

Training in Toledo (about 70 kilometers south of Madrid) includes basic paramedical and military training, explosives deactivation, precision shooting, cyber defense and anti-aircraft systems, among other aspects, according to military sources quoted by the Spanish news agency EFE.

According to the same sources, the training center is prepared to receive rotations of 400 Ukrainian soldiers every two months.

Spain expressed military support for Ukraine after the Russian attack in February, with a commitment to send material and train soldiers.

Another group of 19 Ukrainian soldiers spent the last four weeks in another Spanish city, Zaragoza, to receive training in air defense, according to the Spanish government.

As the Defense Minister said today, the planned new formations “open a new dimension in the relationship between the Ukrainian and Spanish Armed Forces”.

Margarita Robles reiterated that the Ukrainian military “can count on Spain” and stated that “the Spanish Armed Forces are very well prepared” and will help with all instructions.

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