Nisa, in Portalegre, loses more than a fifth of its population in 10 years – Actualidade

Nisa, in Portalegre, loses more than a fifth of its population in 10 years – Actualidade
Nisa, in Portalegre, loses more than a fifth of its population in 10 years – Actualidade

In a district where all 15 municipalities declined in the number of residents, according to the final results of the study, Nisa was the one that registered the highest percentage of population decrease, with a drop of 20.2%.

This raiano municipality, according to data from the 2021 Census now released by the National Statistics Institute (INE), went from a population of 7,450 people, in the 2011 Census, to 5,952, in 2021, so the decrease, in this period, was of 1,498 people.

Portalegre, the municipality of the district capital and the most populous, lost the most people in absolute terms, with 2,590 fewer inhabitants, as it went from a population of 24,930 in 2011 to 22,340 in 2021, which corresponds to -10.4%.

In the district as a whole, the population drop was 11.5%, since 104,923 people live in the 15 councils that make it up, when, in 2011, there were 118,506, which means that there was a decrease of 13,583 inhabitants.

Despite also registering a decrease in population, the municipality of Campo Maior was the one that, even so, registered a smaller percentage of population drop (-4.9%), because it moved from 8,456 inhabitants, in 2011, to 8,042, in 2021 .

Next, in this ‘ranking’ of those with the lowest drops, are the municipalities of Castelo de Vide (-8.6%), Ponte de Sor (-8.9%) and Elvas and Monforte, both with -10.2% of population.

In the list of the five municipalities with the highest percentage of decrease in residents, after Nisa, are Gavião (-17.9%), Avis (-16.7%), Fronteira (-16.2%) and Alter do Chão (-14.6%).

The remaining municipalities in the district, with percentages of population loss that put them in the middle of the table, are Arronches (-11.8%), Crato (-13.1%), Marvão (-14%) and Sousel (-14. 1%).

Portalegre remains the most populous municipality in the district, with 22,340 people, followed by Elvas, with 20,730, Ponte de Sor, which has 15,248 residents, Campo Maior, with a population of 8,042, and Nisa, which has 5,952 residents.

Those with the fewest inhabitants are Arronches (2,789 people), Fronteira (2,858), Monforte (2,992), Marvão (3,021) and Alter do Chão (3,044).

According to the definitive data from the 2021 Census, Portugal lost 2.1% of its population in the last 10 years, rising to 10,343,066 on April 19, 2021 and reversing the growth trend recorded in recent decades.

The collection phase of the 2021 Census took place between April 5th and May 31st and the data refer to the date of the census moment, April 19th.

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