Kursk governor says airport hit by drone from Kiev

Kursk governor says airport hit by drone from Kiev
Kursk governor says airport hit by drone from Kiev

The governor of the Russian region of Kursk said today that a drone attack today caused a fire at an airport in the province that borders Ukraine.

The fire comes a day after local Russian officials accused Kiev of drone attacks on two Russian air force bases.

“Following the drone attack, a fuel tank at the airport in Kursk was hit. The flames have been brought under control. All emergency services are on site,” said Romam Statovoy, governor of the Russian region, in a message broadcast by the Telegram.

The Ukrainian authorities have not confirmed any responsibility for the attacks which, if confirmed, are unprecedented operations within the framework of the war that has been going on since February.

The Defense Ministry has not named responsibility for the drone strikes, although unofficial Russian sources blame Ukrainian forces for launching the drones.

Earlier, the Russian Ministry of Defense said that two Ukrainian drones were shot down over Russian territory.

The attacks against the airfields on Monday left, according to local authorities, three dead and four injured.

Monday’s attacks hit the base of Engels, Russian region of Saratov and the military unit of Dyagilevo, in the region of Rayzan where the strategic devices used in the campaign against Ukraine are located.

At the Engels base, located 600 kilometers east of the Ukrainian border, are Tu-95 and Tu-160 nuclear bombers that have been used in attacks against Ukrainian territory.

The Dyagilevo base, where the refueling planes are located, is located about 500 kilometers northeast of the Ukrainian border.

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