PSP union warns of “gaffes” by the Minister of Internal Administration

PSP union warns of “gaffes” by the Minister of Internal Administration
PSP union warns of “gaffes” by the Minister of Internal Administration

The ASPP left the alert in a letter sent today to José Luís Carneiro, in which it specifies that the minister has committed “throughout the mandate several gaffes in some public positions and political options”, showing “lack of knowledge or bad advice”.

Speaking to Lusa, the president of the ASPP said that “the minister has made several gaffes”, both in political options and in interventions, which only demonstrate “lack of follow-up of matters” and “lack of knowledge of the reality of the PSP”. .

“The minister’s political communication abroad does not reflect the real life of the squadrons”, which do not have conditions and with a staff that is unmotivated, underlined Paulo Santos.

The most recent case is the announcement that police officers will be able to use university cafeterias, which, according to the union leader, demonstrates “a brutal lack of knowledge of the functioning of the PSP” and “will not have any practical effect”.

“From the reference to remuneration supplements that police officers do not receive, to the valuation of the risk component, when this is fixed, to social services funds and more recently to the functioning of the PSP with regard to meals at universities, there are too many gaffes of the Minister of Internal Administration”, maintains the ASPP.

In the letter, the largest police union also sent Minister José Luís Carneiro a copy of the PSP union law “so that in future interventions he is informed of the necessary legislation”, after having stated, with regard to the restructuring of the SEF, that the unions they must not interfere in the operational component of the Public Security Police.

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