“The small town of Aveiro is expanding and expanding” – Ribau Esteves

Inauguration of the Esgueira roundabout, Aveiro.
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With the completion of the new roundabout at Esgueira, the tunnel’s source, inaugurated this Saturday afternoon, the mayor of Aveiro recalled that work on the identical work at the junction between Rua de Viseu and Rua Senhor dos Milagres is already being prepared, which will be named Girão Pereira, in honor of the first president of the elected municipality.

“We hope to have candidates to hand over the work to transform the complex intersection into a roundabout in the near future and maintain the pace of development and urban qualification”, said the mayor, recalling that the intervention will also reclassify the road platform of the tunnel, which will now have two lanes from the center to Esgueira and one from Esgueira to the city centre, as well as pedestrian lanes and cycle paths. The work also includes the restoration of the set of ceramic panels.

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Regarding the eastern roundabout, Ribau Esteves gave a positive note to the final result in terms of road improvements and the arrangement of surrounding spaces. “It was a great pleasure to do this work, we have a million euros very well spent”, he underlined.

The mayor also highlighted the “remarkable” artistic set by sculptor Paulo Neves, spread over the three roundabouts on Avenida D. António Francisco dos Santos, in an extra investment of 150 thousand euros, which make Aveiro a unique case in this type of urban decoration. Three works of art formed in stone (10 tons each), of great dimension, which symbolize the three archangels (Saint Michael, San Gabriel, San Raphael), thus reinforcing the religious mark of the highway which as a whole pays homage to the former Bishop of Aveiro, already deceased.

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Roundabout (Esgueira, Aveiro).

Direct speech

“I wanted to highlight the urban role of this operation. We are opening up the city, materializing a new city, integrating urban space da Glória and Vera Cruz and the parish of Esgueira, also adding other urban areas. The small town of Aveiro is expanding and expanding in the mix of public and private investment. Private companies are at the forefront, we are a good auxiliary engine, quality growth for the city” – Ribau Esteves.

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