Find out which are the 10 cheapest electric cars in Portugal


The electric car segment has been growing all over the world and in Portugal many people have bought this type of vehicle. Currently there are offers for almost all budgets and tastes. Discover the 10 cheapest electric cars in Portugal.


In the first four months of 2023, there was a growth of 118.6% in terms of sales of electric vehicles. According to the Automobile Association of Portugal (ACAP), 10,405 units were registered and, even though the Portuguese are experiencing a delicate moment, these numbers allow several conclusions to be drawn.

Regarding the cheapest electric cars in Portugal, JN made a survey of the “machines” that we can buy. It should be noted that electric cars have several advantages, such as, for example, maintenance and the fact that they are "more friendly" to the environment, but they also have some cons, such as, for example, still little autonomy (in some versions), price of batteries, etc.

TOP 10 most “cheap” electric cars

  • 1- Dacia Spring – 20,400 euros (range 170 km)
  • 2- Smart Fortwo EQ Passion – 23,845 euros (range 130 km)
  • 3- Renault Twingo – 27,019 euros (range 130 km)
  • 4- Fiat 500e – 29,996 euros (range 190 km)
  • 5- MG MG4 – 31,969 euros (range 350 km)
  • 6- Opel Corsa e edition – 34,869 euros (range 285 km)
  • 7- MG ZS Confort – 34,969 euros (range 270 km)
  • 8- Renault Zoe Equilibre – 35,150 euros (300 km range)
  • 9- Peugeot e-208 Active – 36,064 euros (range 285 km)
  • 10- Renault Mégane E-tech – 36,750 euros (300 km range)

According to previous information, the TOP 10 of electric cars ranges from 20,400 euros to 36,750 euros. In the TOP 10 there is also no Tesla model, with the cheapest version, the Model 3, costing around 40 thousand euros.

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