8 times Queen Elizabeth II appeared in animations

Remember some special appearances by the queen in animated series and movies.

Queen Elizabeth II died on Thursday afternoon, September 8, aged 96. Considered the longest-lived British monarch in history, her figure has been heavily referenced in pop culture.

From The Simpsons to Cars, it is natural for personalities to make unusual cameos in television shows, movies and series. Controversial and full of curiosities, numerous productions portrayed the troubled life of the royal family.

Part of these appearances, remember some unusual cameos of Queen Elizabeth II also in the animated universes.

Cars 2

In Cars 2, the heroes head to the final of the World Grand Prix, which takes place on the streets of London, England. Part of this automotive universe, the queen makes an enthusiastic participation in the film.


In Minions, the queen is the target of one of the evil plans of Scarlet Overkill, the villain of the animation who wants to take the royal crown. As the film is set in 1968, she is approximately 42 years into the plot.

Harley Quinn


This is perhaps the most recent case of a participation by Queen Elizabeth II in an animated production. In the season 3 opener of Harley Quinn, the protagonist and Poison Ivy are traveling on Wonder Woman’s invisible plane during their honeymoon. At one point, after stealing the treasures from Buckingham Palace, the couple discover that the queen was with the jewels and gems.

Corgi: Top Dog


The corgi Rex was chosen as “Top Dog”, the Queen’s favorite dog. He lives surrounded by other dogs at Buckingham Palace, filled with fine foods and other perks. When a visit by President Donald Trump to England has negative consequences thanks to Rex, the dog leaves the Palace and ventures to London. Along the way, he makes new friends at the kennel and falls in love with Wanda, a dog betrothed to the bravest dog in the area. Rex will need to muster all the efforts necessary to win the love of his life and return to the Queen’s arms.

Fantastic Four


Yes, Queen Elizabeth II has already appeared in a Marvel animation. When she and her family paid a visit to New York, the Fantastic Four got into trouble when a Skrull stole the royal crown disguised as Sue Storm. In the end, the confusion was cleared up.

South Park


In the eleventh season of South Park, Queen Elizabeth II makes a brief appearance in the chapter “The Snuke”. In it, she attempts to invade the United States and, upon discovering that her warships have sunk, makes a fatal decision.

Family Guy


In Family Guy, Queen Elizabeth II appeared in a few episodes of the animation: “Family Guy Viewer Mail No. 2”, “Bookie of the Year” and “The Dating Game”.

the simpsons


The queen appeared in one of the first episodes of The Simpsons, Kamp Krusty, which opened the 4th season of the animated series. In the plot, she intended to bestow a knighthood on Krusty the Clown.

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