Diary of a Gigolo, Season 2 on Netflix: Everything We Know

Diary of a Gigolo is the new drama, romance and hot scenes series from Netflix. The production arrived without much prominence and quickly occupied the Top 10 of Netflix. The series has all the requirements of the latest hit productions on the service.

The history of Diary of a Gigolo accompanies Emanuel, a luxury male escort. The young man was an orphan who was rescued by Minou. In turn, Minou taught Emanuel everything about the world of escorts and put him in touch with several clients.

The most prominent is Anna. Although she is married, the young woman maintains a frequent relationship with her companion. But Ana also lives a dilemma at home. After an accident that killed her first husband, her daughter lives in seclusion and does not have the same attitudes as other young people her age.

In the meantime, Ana offers Emanuel to work trying to seduce her daughter Julia. Upon accepting the service, Emanuel ends up falling in love with Julia, which infuriates Ana. The first year ended with a lot of mystery, which leads fans to question whether the 2nd season of Diary of a Gigolo will happen. Well, here’s what we know.

The 2nd season of Diary of a Gigolo

Certainly, with the great success of the series, fans are hoping that the series will be immediately renewed. So, that’s not what happened. So far, Netflix has not confirmed the 2nd season of Diary of a Gigolo. However, this is no reason for fans to believe that the series will be cancelled.

It happens that Netflix always waits for a period to confirm the continuation of its productions. That is, the service is currently evaluating several factors to decide whether to renew or terminate production. The following are taken into account: Audience, engagement on social networks and period in which the series will remain in the Top 10.

However, we must evaluate a factor that can be decisive for the future of production. Its creator, Sebastián Ortega stated that his production was a miniseries. In addition, all possible plots with Emanuel, Ana and Julia were ended.

While Netflix has a habit of following up on some successful series, that doesn’t seem to be the case. In this way, Season 2 of Diary of a Gigolo may not happen. After all, the way the plot ends would force the creators to invest in an unplanned continuation, or else, in a kind of anthology.

NOTE: We will keep this article updated. As Netflix confirms news about a potential second season, we’ll let you know here.

Season 2 premiere of Diary of a Gigolo

It’s all about Netflix renewing – and when – the series. The first season of the series was announced in early 2021, coming to the service only in mid-2022. So, if the service chooses to continue the series, we could see it coming back in a shorter period of time.

That is, the 2nd season of Diary of a Gigolocould debut between September and October 2023. Remembering that this is a prediction and everything depends on the official renewal of Netflix.

The end of season 1

Image: Disclosure/Netflix

At the end of the first season, Minou decides to protect her family, proving that she is ready to do anything to defend those she loves. Meanwhile, Ana’s murder turns into a media scandal: the spotlight is on the protagonists of the macabre case, while no leads are excluded from the investigation.

It is in this scenario that Emanuel and Julia understand that they have no choice but to take their destiny in their own hands, whatever the cost. At the end of the episode – via flashback – the truth is revealed: who killed Ana? It was his daughter Julia, who then left the scene of the crime to deceive the suspects, returning to the clinic.

Subsequently, Emanuel was then arrested by the police for Ana’s murder: again through the flashbacks of Diary of a Gigolo we found out that Julia planned to find the murder weapon, to exonerate Emanuel. Everything had been planned down to the smallest detail, but when Víctor accused Florencia of her and got away with it, the whole plan failed.

“I’m not the same anymore,” says Julia. In prison, by the way, Víctor is surprised by a group of inmates who violently beat him, pour gasoline on him and set him on fire. “Emanuel, love always hurts. But you have to be willing to make sacrifices to live it, right? ” Julia says to Emanuel.

Emanuel looks at the traffic lights and then returns Julia’s gaze.

The possible plot of Season 2 of Diary of a Gigolo

While most of the series’ mysteries have been solved, Season 2 of Diary of a Gigolo can dwell on the relationship between Emanuel and Julia. It is unclear what Emanuel will do. If he will really stay by Julia’s side or if he will leave.

If eventually Netflix decides to continue with the series, the plot will depart from this point. That is, we will see more of the couple and the consequences of their choices.

Cast: Who Returns for Season 2 of Diary of a Gigolo

If the series wins a new season, we will certainly see a good part of the cast returning. It is worth remembering that the series stars Jesús Castro as Emanuel. Therefore, we hope to see you, in a possible return. By her side, we have Julia, played by Victoria White.

Although she is dead, Ana is important to the plot. After all, Julia has several memories of her mother. Therefore, we will be able to see Fabiola Campomanes again. Other cast members may reappear in a sporadic season 2 of Diary of a Gigolo.

That way, at some point we will be able to see again Francisco Denis (Víctor), Begoña Narváez (Florencia), Alosian Vivancos (Abele), Eugenia Tobal (Dolores), Adriana Barraza (Minou). ), Diego Alfonso (Aguilar) and finally, Carla Pandolfi (Campos).

Actors spoke about the challenge of the series

Image: Disclosure/Netflix

In an interview with peopleJesús Castro, spoke about how he faced the world of the series.

“It’s about a bit of overcoming, of a world that you don’t see much. This is the world of how the mind and methodology of gigolos works a little bit.”

In turn, Victoria White, in the same interview, talked about what her character tries to get across.

“Julia is a girl of few words. She doesn’t feel comfortable relating to other people and at age 8 she was in a car accident in which her father died. It was a super tragic event that, in addition to dividing her family, left her scarred for life.”

Despite the interview, none of the actors commented on a possible 2nd season of Diary of a Gigolo.

What to watch while you wait?

In recent years, Netflix has been investing in series that mix suspense, drama and hot scenes. Such productions usually come from the Latin market. In this way, the service catalog has excellent options for those who will wait for the 2nd Diary of a Gigolo.

We have separated a list of 5 good options, which at times remind us of the new success of the service.

  1. Who Killed Sarah?;
  2. Dark Desire;
  3. The House of Flowers;
  4. The last dragon;
  5. Marked Heart.

So, would you like season 2 of Diary of a Gigolo?

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