With the premiere of Orphan 2, remember the real story behind the plot

With the premiere of Orphan 2, remember the real story behind the plot
With the premiere of Orphan 2, remember the real story behind the plot

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The sequel to A Orfã, the 2009 horror film, Orfã 2: Inception, has just hit theaters across Brazil. Many may not know, but the film is inspired by a true story, which is actually quite shocking. In the sequel, the film presents the dark past of the enigmatic character Esther before she was adopted by the family. Check out the true story that inspired the film below.

The true true story that inspired The Orphan

The real story that inspired the production was the case of Bárbora Skrlová, who suffered from a disease called hypopituitarism, which left her looking much younger than her true age. Therefore, throughout her life, she has pretended countless times to be a teenager, thus even being a male teenager.

In short, the affair took place in Czechoslovakia in 1975. Skrlová met Katerina Mauerova and her sister Klara. Both were very religious and connected to mysticism. Skrlová manipulated the two to torture Katerine’s children: Ondrej and Jakub. Among the cruelties that the children have suffered are being inside cages naked all the time, starving, being shocked, being burned with cigarettes and they have also undergone several drowning sessions.

One day, Klara asked one of the boys to stick a leg out of the bars. With a sharp knife, the torturers began to cut the member. After taking a few pieces, they ate the meat in front of the children.

The Discovery of the Case

It was the neighbors who discovered the torture by accessing the cameras of an electronic babysitter in the children’s room and called the police. So, when the police arrived at the sisters’ residence, Barbora pretended to be a 12-year-old girl adopted by Klara, posing as one of the tortured children.

So, she managed to escape, only to be discovered in Norway years later, pretending to be a 13-year-old boy named Adam, who was adopted by a Norwegian couple. Upon being discovered, Barbora was extradited to the Czech Republic, where she was tried along with Klara and Katerina. The sisters were sentenced to years in prison: Katerina to 10 and Klara to 9 years. Currently, the children live with their maternal grandparents.

The Orphan 2

Other interesting subjects

Actress Isabelle Fuhrman returns to the role of Esther, which she played for the first time at age 12 in 2009. To look younger, some tricks were used, including an image that circulated on the internet of the other characters in the film wearing very high shoes to get bigger than the actress.

Orphan 2 Synopsis

Esther is a 33-year-old woman named Leena Klammer who has hypopituitarism – a rare hormonal disorder that has stunted her physical growth and caused proportionate dwarfism. She has spent most of her life posing as a little girl.

In the sequel, Lena Klammer orchestrates a brilliant breakout from a Russian psychiatric unit and travels to the United States impersonating the missing daughter of a wealthy family. But Lena’s new life as Esther comes with an unexpected problem and pits her against a mother who will protect her family at any cost.

Finally, The Orphan 2 is directed by William Brent Bell, the film also has Hiro Kanagawa and Matthew Finlan in the cast.

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