Is I Ever Famous is based on real events?

Is I Ever Famous is based on real events?
Is I Ever Famous is based on real events?

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I’ve been famousnew movie from Netflix, exposes a friendship relationship between a successful ex-musician and a young drummer on the autistic spectrum. with direction of Eddie Sternberg and joint script with Zak Klein, the feature film proposes an honest, fun and exciting plot. Soon, some viewers questioned whether the story of I’ve been famous inspired by a real case.

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I’ve Been Famous Plot

I’ve Been Famous accompanies vince (Ed Skrein), former member of boyband British Stereo Dream. Far from the glory years, he seeks to restart his career in a simpler way: concerts on the street and in local bars in the city where he lives. In one of them, he meets Stevie (Leo Long), an 18-year-old whose aspirations involve music. However, behind him is an overprotective mother.

Now, both connect in an affective way to, together, create the newest musical success. In the list are Ed Skrein, Eoin Macken, Lorraine Ashbourne, Eleanor Matsuura, Neil Stuke, Leo Long and Kurt Egyiawan.

Is the story of I’ve Been Famous based on real events?

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A simple but ravishing premise. I’ve been famous won over the audience for the emotion of the performances. However, there is no clue that the story is based on real events. On the contrary. The 2022 feature has a very well-defined inspiration. It is the eponymous short film created by Eddie Sternbergstill in 2015.

Director of I’ve Been Famous, Sternberg confirmed that the story’s inspiration came from his own fascination with music.

“(Musicians) have been so successful at such a young age, and an excess of sex, drugs, rock and roll, so they’re chewed up and spit out, and then they’re having to deal with this emptiness,” he said in an interview with Variety.

Therefore, the whole conception of the plot is born from the creation of Sternberg. The director chose to set the story in England, for example. However, there is a grain of reality to the film. According to the director, the character Stevie was designed from a person who exists.

Finally, I’ve been famous is available in the Netflix catalog.

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