‘Power Rangers’: Details on Netflix’s New Movie and Series Revealed

Several details about the future of the franchise have been revealed.power Rangers‘, according to a report by The Illuminerdi. Both a feature film and a TV series are being developed, both in Netflixas the intention is to continue with the idea of ​​an expanded universe.

As far as we know, the same crew that is being used in the upcoming feature film will appear in the series; The adult tone of the 2017 version will be maintained; This is a new team, not the classic version of ‘Mighty Morphin‘; Zordon and Alpha may return as mentors, but in different versions; Fewer Zord fights will only be used for big moments.

The series should have a continuous narrative rather than the traditional episodic format, which brings a threat each week. Japan should play an important role in the projects. One possibility would be that the country’s mythical creatures serve as inspiration for the Zords, but that’s undecided.

Remembering that Jonathan Entwistle has already been confirmed as creative supervisor, while Jenny Klein‎‎ (‎‎The Thing About Pam)‎‎ has signed a global contract with ‎‎Entertainment One‎‎, where he will develop television content based on genre and drama, and his first work is precisely the team’s series.

Klein is the co-creator of ‘The Thing About Pam‘,‎‎ which became NBC’s top-rated new series for the 2021-2022 season. In addition, he also received credits in ‘The ‎‎Witcher‘, ‎‎’Cloak and Dagger‘, ‘Jessica Jones‘‎‎ and ‘Supernatural‘.

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