Gio Ewbank talks about what he lived in a hotel: “Until now destabilized”

Giovanna Ewbank reports what happened at the hotel

The actress Gio Ewbank used his social networks, this Wednesday (21), to report what happened in a hotel during the premiere of the film of the Viola Davis, ‘The King Woman’.

In a sequence of photos on her Instagram, the famous revealed that she was very emotional, as soon as she went down the stairs of the hotel and saw everyone there waiting for the beginning of the plot.

“I’m still asking myself if what I lived was not a dream. I went down the stairs and I was already touched by the amount of black people and people allied to the racial agenda occupying that space”, began Giovanna Ewbank.

Then he took the opportunity to praise everyone who was there: “All beautiful, well dressed, happy, celebrating, vibrating love. There were so many meetings, hugs, so much exchange that I was already ecstatic there, ”she said emotionally.

At that moment, the actress talks about the arrival of Viola Davis at the event: “Already seated to watch the film, Viola Davis enters sumptuous, elegant, with her firm voice, cheered by the audience and I continued to think it was such a good dream”.

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Giovanna Ewbank reveals that she loved everything that made up the film, its cast and the story, and even cried with sobs: “Then came the movie. What movie! I’m still destabilized with such power”.

Then, she got another surprise, with the arrival of two other actors to conduct the interviews.

“To finish, Taís Araújo and Lazaro Ramos come in and interview Viola and her husband. Think of royalty? That was it. It wasn’t a dream. It was real! And I want this to be the reality of my children, the reality of Brazil, every day more”, celebrated the actress.

Finally, she invited everyone to watch the film, which opens in theaters this Thursday (22).

Giovanna Ewbank is thrilled to watch the premiere of 'A Mulher Rei' (Reproduction: Instagram)
Giovanna Ewbank is thrilled to watch the premiere of ‘A Mulher Rei’ (Reproduction: Instagram)
Gio Ewbank records moments of the event at the hotel (Reproduction: Instagram)
Gio Ewbank records moments of the event at the hotel (Reproduction: Instagram)

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