CONTROVERSIAL horror criticized by Donald Trump will be released in Brazil by Netflix; Check out!

In August 2020, Damon Lindelof was hanging wet bathing suits on the porch when her son came out with the phone and delivered an amazing message: “The president just tweeted about your movie.”

Lindelofcreator of ‘watchmen‘ from HBO, I was sure that Donald Trump had heard about the first successful test showing. But then “My heart sank because I felt like whatever happened, he wasn’t tweeting about our movie. He was tweeting about what someone told him our movie was.”

The reason? ‘The hunt‘ (The Hunt) focuses on a group of “elite” liberals who hunt and kill “deplorable” conservatives kidnapped solely for sport.

After the tweets from Trump, the film had its release temporarily postponed in theaters. And after the white supremacist terrorist attacks in August 2019 with political speeches blaming the media for the violence, the Universal Pictures and the Blumhouse decided to cancel the film.

The release came months later, but the film flopped at the box office.

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Two years later, the film finally arrives on Brazilian streaming by Netflix – that scheduling the premiere for the day October 1st.

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In the plot, twelve strangers wake up not knowing where they are after a blackout. The film combines elements of action films with social satire, by showing an elite group that persecutes and kills humans for sport. Hilary Swank (Oscar winner) Emma Roberts (American Horror Story), Betty Gilpin (The Scream and Together Forever) and Justin Hartley (This is Us) are some of the cast names.

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