The Boys: 8 most shocking and bizarre scenes from the series

Launched in 2019 by Amazon Prime Video, the series the boys quickly gained public attention. The story is an adaptation of the eponymous comics released in 2006 and is known for its ironic narrative with acid humor.

Ironing the stories of superheroes, it is not new that the series uses and abuses scenes beyond bloody and bizarre – a factor considered, even, the great differential of the narrative by the fans.

Taking advantage of the launch of season 3 of the boys earlier this month, remember the most shocking and bizarre scenes in the series – yet.

8) Profound and his gills

Exiled after sexually assaulting Starlight in season one, Profound has a relationship with a girl who harasses him through his gills, which are usually hidden with his uniform.

7) Death of the Translucent

After capturing the hero Translucent, Hughie, Butcher and Frances come up with the idea of ​​putting an ‘anal bomb’ on the super – as his skin is hard as stone. After several discussions about the future of Translucent, Hughie finally hits the

6) Airplane Scene

When a plane is hijacked by terrorists in season one, Homelander and Queen Maeve arrive to save the passengers. Things don’t go as expected and the plane loses control. Without helping the hundreds of people, Homelander decides to abandon the victims and forces Maeve to do the same.

5) Deadly sex

In the first season, the super Popclaw takes a substance that potentiates her power. Soon after, during a sexual act, she sits on the head of Aleksy Lutz (Christian Bako), with whom she was having an affair. Due to her weight, however, she ends up crushing her partner’s head.

the boys

4) Death of Robin

The worst death is the one that no one expects. And that’s how it happened with Robin, Hughie’s girlfriend, in the first episode of the series. The two kiss in the street, when the girl disappears, leaving only a trail of blood behind. Seconds later, we discover that Robin was actually run over by A-Train.

the boys

3) Death of the whale Lucy

One of the most memorable – and disgusting – scenes of the second season took place during the confrontation between the Boys and Profound. In the scene, Butcher ‘crosses’ the whale Lucy, friend of the super aquatic.

the boys

2) Miniature hero

In the first episode of the third season, we meet Termite, a super with the ability to shrink in size. Viewers are taken aback when the character shrinks and enters his sexual partner’s penis. After a sneeze, however, he loses control and reverts to his original size, causing his partner to explode from the inside out.

the boys

1) Leitinho and the giant penis

In the second season, when they visit a psychiatric hospital for superheroes with unusual powers, the group comes across a patient called ‘Sausage of Love’, who has the power to stretch his penis and become giant. The worst happens when Leitinho is hanged by the genital.

the boys

What scenes would you add to the list?

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