Peaky Blinders: Fans Embarrassed by Unexpected Sex Scene in Season 6 – News Seen on the web

Peaky Blinders: Fans Embarrassed by Unexpected Sex Scene in Season 6 – News Seen on the web
Peaky Blinders: Fans Embarrassed by Unexpected Sex Scene in Season 6 – News Seen on the web

In the final episodes of the series, Gina Gray and Oswald Mosley star in a hot moment – and quite fast – that caused an uproar on social media.


The 6th and final season of Peaky Blinders arrives on Netflix this Friday (10). The BBC series said goodbye to the public abroad in February and now, more than three months later, it will finally do the same for Brazilians. What awaits the Shelby family and their intrepid leader Thomas (Cillian Murphy)? Certainly an outcome as grandiose as tragic, as the history of the famous Birmingham clan has always been marked by painful deaths, dangerous rivalries and much, much violence. But none of that seems to have shocked fans as much as a sex scene between Gina Gray and Oswald Mosley.

The moment came in the 4th episode, titled “Sapphire” and originally aired on March 20th. The character played by Anya Taylor-Joy has a secret meeting with the Nazi-fascist politician played by Sam Claflin. She just didn’t realize that Tommy had placed spies in Mosley’s apartment as part of his plan to get more information about his enemy.

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Contrary to the gangster’s expectations, Mosley is more interested in having fun with Michael Gray’s (Finn Cole) wife than talking. As soon as he leaves, Tommy breaks into the place to catch Gina in the act and warns her that he knows about her affair with Mosley. In exchange for not telling Michael, Tommy orders Gina to be his mole in Berlin when Mosley goes to meet with the highest echelons of the German government.

Although the sexual relationship appeared for a few brief seconds, it was enough for the spectators to feel embarrassed and rebel against that betrayal. One wrote on Twitter: “Did I blink and miss the sex scene? He ejaculated faster than a speeding bullet.”

“Gina and Mosley fuck while Michael is still awake in his cell at 5am,” commented another user. A third used the Friends Phoebe Buffay meme to express their displeasure: “GINA AND MOSLEY GINA AND MOSLEY. My eyes, my eyes.”

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In all, the final season of Peaky Blinders has six episodes. However, it is worth remembering that the series created by Steven Knight will win a movie to end the Shelby plot once and for all. According to the showrunner, production begins in 2023, and filming is expected to span 18 months.

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