‘The Last of Us’: Season 2 Release Will Take Time, Says Bella Ramsey

The actress Bella RamseyEllie from ‘The Last of Us‘, revealed that the second season of the series will still take to debut.

In an interview for The Jonathan RossShow (via The Independent), the actress revealed that the recordings could start at the end of this year or at the beginning of the next, which means that the second year could end up debuting only in 2025.

“It will take a while. I believe we’ll shoot at the end of this year, or the beginning of next. So probably (the premiere) late 2024, early 2025″, declared Ramsey.

Meanwhile, the actor Pedro Pascal shared, on his Instagram, behind-the-scenes photos of the series ‘The Last of Us‘, which brings him and Bella Ramsey as protagonists.

The series had its first season ended last Sunday (12) on HBO.

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A HBO Max released a subtitled video taking us behind the scenes of the amazing closing chapter.

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The plot takes place twenty years after the destruction of modern civilization. Joel, a rough-and-tumble survivor, is hired to smuggle Ellie, a 14-year-old girl, out of an oppressive quarantine zone. What starts out as a small job soon becomes a brutal and painful journey as they both must cross the US and depend on each other for survival.

The production encompassed no less than 96% approval at the Rotten Tomatoeswith 417 reviews published. Among the various praises, the consensus among international critics is that ‘The Last of Us’ is one of the best retellings of videogames of all time.

Check out the main comments:

“It is not even remotely controversial to call [a série] of the best video game adaptation ever made” – BBC.com.

“A spectacular adaptation that should delight newcomers and enrich those already familiar with Joel and Ellie’s journey” – IGN Movies.

“Easily the best live-action adaptation of a video game” – JVS Media & Production.

‘The Last of Us’ becomes as captivating in the quiet moments as it is in the frightening ones – and perhaps even more so when it focuses on who these people are rather than the dangers they face” – Rolling Stone.

“I can bet ‘The Last of Us’ will be one of the best shows of 2023″ – Decider.

Season Review | ‘The Last of Us’ is a spectacular and impeccable HBO adaptation

The series is based on the game franchise that bears the same name and was born in Playstation 3 and currently received PlayStation 5 a new version of the first game, with improved graphics and gameplay. The game is developed by studio Naughty Dogconsidered one of Sony’s greatest hits.

The cast still has Gabriel Luna, Merle Dandridge, Nick Offerman, Anna Torv, Merle Dandridge, Nico Parker, Jeffrey Pierce, Con O’Neill, Murray Bartlett, Natasha mumba It is Storm Reid.

Peter Hoar (‘Demolisher’), Kantemir Balagov (‘A Tall Woman’), Ali Abbasi (‘Sheiley’), Jasmila Zbanic (‘Quo Vadis, Aida’), Craig Mazin (‘Chernobyl’), Neil Druckmann (game creator), Liza Johnson (‘Barry’) and Jeremy Webb (‘The Umbrella Academy’) are part of the directors’ team.

The series was created by mazin (‘Chernobyl’), who also serves as the adaptation’s writer and executive producer alongside Druckmann.

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