Action movie with Portuguese actress Anna Carvalho opens in LA

Action movie with Portuguese actress Anna Carvalho opens in LA
Action movie with Portuguese actress Anna Carvalho opens in LA

the action movie Free Dead or Alivewhich features Portuguese actress Anna Carvalho and tells a story of emigration to the US, opens this Tuesday at the Fine Arts Theater in Beverly Hills, ahead of its worldwide release.

“I have great expectations,” the Portuguese actress told the Lusa agency, referring to the quality of the script and production and the various awards that the film won this year.

Free Dead or Alive it even became the first film to win the top five categories at the California Women’s Film Festival (CWFF), taking home Best Picture, Best Achievement, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress, and Best Actor.

Directed by Erik Bernard, the TLG Pictures film features Edy Ganem (Maids and evil), Seth Michaels (Red Warning) and Patricia Velasquez (The Mummy) in the main roles.

“It’s not just a story of emigrants, it’s also a story of love between mother and daughter”, explained Anna Carvalho. “In the beginning it is a relationship that is not very healthy. Then there is a reunion and the mother ends up trying to save her daughter”.

The action centers on the journey of young Eva (Edy Ganem) as she runs away from an arranged marriage to a drug dealer and seeks to cross the border into the United States. Anna Carvalho plays one of the illegal immigrants in the USA, who also flees poverty and violence in search of the American dream, emigrating from her country.

“I am one of the emigrants who is fleeing to the United States on a clandestine train,” he said. “These are trains that really exist and in which many emigrants die”, she stressed. “During my trajectory I am raped in front of my family and they are the people who end up saving me”.

Carvalho, who has been based in the United States since 2015, said that the film does not analyze in depth the political issues associated with illegal immigration, but generates empathy for the situations with which migrants, in an illegal situation, are confronted.

“It’s horrible what these immigrants go through and what women have to undergo, because they want to save their family”, he considered.

“This is a story in America but we in Europe know that these situations exist,” said the actress, pointing to refugees who have fled Ukraine since February after the invasion by Russian forces.

“There are horrible people who take advantage of these moments to extort and abuse these people who are fragile and need help”, he underlined. “It’s not just what’s happening in America, but what’s happening in the world and now so close to us, with the war in Ukraine.”

Executive produced by Courtney LeMarco, Free Dead or Alive will be distributed by 1091 Pictures and will be available on all digital platforms, including Amazon, iTunes and Google Play.

In addition to the protagonists, it has the actors Alejandro De Hoyos (The Toronto Man), Robert Avellanet (Menudo: Forever Young), Al Colonel (Westworld) and Juan Pablo Olyslager (The Curse of the Weeping Woman).

Anna Carvalho has a career spanning more than twenty years in theater and cinema. Participated in several films and series and directed the independent short film Death is the Place on Earthwith which he won several awards, including the Excellence Award from the Curve International Film Festival and the Special Jury Prize from the Independent Talents International Film Festival.

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