Taylor Swift: What does the ‘upside down’ phone in the “Midnights” ad mean?

What will come there? Taylor Swift continues to make fans anxious with spoilers for his new album “Midnights”. The American singer is carrying out a kind of lottery to reveal the title of each of the tracks on the disc, however, a phone used by the singer in the announcement videos has fans intrigued. Come understand with me!

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taylor used his official Tik Tok profile to start the series ‘Midnights Mayhem With Me’ (“Çthose of Midnight with Me”), where the singer posts videos, always at midnight, in a kind of bingo with lottery balls labeled from 1 to 13, representing each track from their upcoming album, which will be released on October 21st.

The Pop star has already revealed the title of track 13 (“Mastermind”) and also from track 8 (“Vigilant Shit”), the latter of which was released in the early hours of this Friday (23), where taylor appeared next to none other than Meredith, one of your cats.

Nonetheless, something is catching the attention of Swifties. In the two videos posted by the Pop star, she announced the song titles while talking on the phone, which could be considered normal, if in the second, she doesn’t. were holding the phone upside downand speaking into the headphone part instead of the microphone.

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Does taylor Are you preparing something new or is it just a simple joke? It is worth noting that Swift is one of the singers that uses the most easter eggs and lots of details in your releases to interact with fans and make them go in search of secret clues.


On the Internet, Swifties from all over the world are already commenting on the spoilers left by the singer and the phone is one of those details. Even theories have been created. Some fans even believe that Taylor is indicating the announcement of a partnership. Will it come? Now we just have to wait for the scenes of the next chapters.

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Remembering that “Midnights” is scheduled for release on October 21st and some other news has already been revealed, such as a deluxe version with unreleased tracks and the fact that the album’s back covers, if collected, form a wall clock.

Check out the fan reaction:

“Do I feel like the phone is a hint? Like you’re talking but no one is listening on the other line… so she’s using the phone to talk to us??? Or when we are alone, we call someone, but they are not available, so we only have ourselves?…”, wrote a fan.

“The phone is upside down and the cardigan is green… does that mean anything? I need answers”, posted another fan.

“Okay, what do we think the phone means?”, wrote a Swiftie.

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