The Rock Brasileiro fights with sensual photos and videos of explicit sex

The Rock Brasileiro fights with sensual photos and videos of explicit sex
The Rock Brasileiro fights with sensual photos and videos of explicit sex

Can you imagine The Rock on an adult content platform? The actor and fighter Dwayne Johnson, original owner of the name “The Rock”, has yet to create an R-rated profilebut his Brazilian counterpart, the Bahian Lucas Zanoni, yes.

Lucas, 41 years old, publishes sensual photos and sexually explicit videos on his profile on the Privacy platform. He says that the site allows him to explore his more sensual side, something that is not possible on Instagram.

On the social network, the algorithm inhibits the dissemination of sexual content and he is followed by children – he also participates in children’s events as a look-alike.

“The Rock is the sexiest guy in the world. So, posting sensual content is part of my job. I have a sex life that doesn’t need to be exposed to children. come to me to see. THE privacy came to give that freedom and also a cashback”, he says.

There’s no reason to mix child content and adult content.

in the chat with splash, he says he has an “amazing life” being The Rock’s look-alike and being surrounded by women. Sharing this is also a way to secure extra money.

“It’s a very good income. I earned BRL 1,000 in a single day. Children give emotional and affective feedback, but the sale of adult content is a market that is on the rise. We are curious to see each other’s sex lives. It’s human. My life is incredible and people look for me, beautiful people who want to be and record with me. My content is there for everyone to see. Only good things”, he ponders.

How did The Rock Brasileiro come about?

During the pandemic and without work, Lucas moved from Salvador (BA) to the capital of Rio de Janeiro, where he lives today, and decided to invest in his career as a look-alike. With the gradual resumption of events, he began to be invited to children’s events and birthdays, such as The Rock or other Dwayne Johnson characters.

Father of two girls, Lucas says that his youngest daughter plays an important role in his work. That’s because she, just two years old, believes that her father is really his favorite character. “When she saw The Rock on TV, she thought it was. ‘Look at daddy, daddy,'” he recalls.

“I live 100% like The Rock. I go to an event and I have to take pictures with 100 children, do movie scenes, like Tooth Fairy and Black Adam, show tattoos,” he says.

Lucas Zanoni produces explicit adult content

Image: Playback/Instagram

But before working professionally, Lucas already had experience as a lookalike at CCXP in 2018. “I was called to play The Rock’s lookalike. It was amazing because people had contact with real people, not people dressed as the character. There are people who cries, there are people who speak English, hug me. The children lose their temper. The parents who are: ‘it’s not him, no'”, he says.

I’m not Patati Patatá, Galinha Pintadinha. No, I’m a real character that connotes the image of a famous artist. People come with real emotion. Even to troll someone. They take pictures and send groups of people to troll.

Lucas claims to be the same height as the American actor, in addition to identical tattoos. This resemblance not only fools children, but also the algorithms of social networks and dating apps. He says he’s had nine accounts taken down on Instagram because the system thought he was fake.

“I’m fooling the algorithm,” he says, laughing. “But I’m real. It’s unfair because it’s my job. There are thousands of people watching my videos, but the algorithm doesn’t understand that I’m real. I’m not fake, it’s not my appearance’s fault”, he completes.

he is not alone

The Rock Brasileiro produces adult content alone, but also together with its partner, Jenifer Botira, 20 years old, and other guests.

“Jenifer Botira is my nymphet, not in a pejorative way. Nympheta is a young and sensual girl. She is a person who makes me feel good, who understands my work. I am pansexual, she is bi. When we go to hang out together, we always invite other people, there’s always a new girl wanting to record with me. The most explicit content is in there. The stuff is crazy”, he says.

Asked if they have an open relationship, he denies it and says it’s an “arranged relationship”.

“She chose to be with me, I chose to be with her. It’s not because I’m dating. Everything we do, we agree. Sometimes, we go out for a ride, some girls come and say: ‘The Rock , I want to record with you’. I go to the corner and say: ‘Black girl, which one is it? Who did you like over there?’ It’s not an open relationship, it’s a deal, if it doesn’t turn into a mangrove. Either one arrives and kicks the dick out of the shack, or takes it”, she says, laughing.

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