BMW electric cars with range of 1000km arrive in 2025

To prepare the future of its cars, BMW will introduce the new Neue Klasse (New Class) platform that will allow the German brand to make a technological leap in the electric car market.

BMW presents new Neue Klasse platform and new battery technology for its electric cars

BMW is preparing big plans for the future of its cars. With CES 2023 at the door, the German brand will reveal the Neue Klasse (New Class), a new platform dedicated to electric cars and which should hit the streets as early as 2025.

Although not yet known great details, Frank Weber, BMW Technology Director, revealed some details at a conference dedicated to sustainability and innovation.

new battery technology

According to Frank Weber, BMW will present a new concept entitled “pack-to-open-body” that will allow the brand to customize the size of the batteries so that they adapt to any model.

For this, cylindrical cells will be used instead of prismatic ones, a new technology that arises from the commitment to new recycling techniques and sustainability.

These new cells offer a 20% increase in efficiency, a reduction of about 50% in costs and a 60% reduction in CO2 emissions in production.

These new batteries will then be used in the new Neue Klasse platform that will integrate both compact models like the 1 series and larger models like the X7.

These electric vehicles will therefore benefit from 30% smaller batteries, with a 20% increase in energy density, 20% greater autonomy and 30% faster charging.

Greater performance and autonomy

In future electric cars launched with the Neue Klasse platform we will find rear or all-wheel drive with one or two synchronous motors that promise to guarantee a more stable peak performance, a high energy density, low emissions and noise and an efficiency of 97%.

In terms of power, these BMW electric cars can accommodate up to 4 engines that can deliver a maximum of 1341 hp.

As for the batteries, they will have a capacity of between 75 kWh and 150 kWh, which will allow a range of 1000 kilometers to be achieved.

In addition, by combining an 800V system with a high-performance charger, it will be possible to obtain 48 km of autonomy with just 1 minute of charging, up to a maximum of 603 km, with full charging carried out in an impressive 12 minutes.

To achieve maximum efficiency, A+ tires are also being designed to reduce rolling resistance by up to 7%, a 4% improvement in braking systems and a 25% gain in the aerodynamics of these cars.

This new platform will thus mark the future of BMW’s electric cars, and is expected to account for more than half of the brand’s global sales by 2030.

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