“I took Haaland off the pitch so he wouldn’t break Messi’s record”

ANDrling Haaland was the main protagonist of the FA Cup quarter-final tie between Manchester City and Burnley (6-0).

The Norwegian international scored three of the six goals for Pep Guardiola’s team, who decided to take away his big star as soon as he got his sixth hat-trick of the season.

Haaland had already been substituted after scoring five goals against RB Leipzig in the Champions League, and in the Cup he also ended up watching the final minutes of the game from the bench.

That’s why they asked Guardiola about the reasons for the change and this time the Catalan resorted to sarcasm to respond.

“I took him out with three goals scored so he wouldn’t break Messi’s record in the FA Cup. That was the reason,” said Guardiola in an ironic response, as Messi has never played in the FA Cup and has no FA record. Cup, oldest competition in the world.

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