“Tottenham’s history is this”

AAntonio Conte lost his temper at the end of this Saturday afternoon, following the 3-3 draw conceded by Tottenham when traveling to St. Mary’s Stadium, against Southampton, the bottom of the Premier League.

The Italian coach ‘shot’ in several directions, starting with the players themselves: “There are 11 players who enter the field. I see selfish players. I see players who don’t want to help each other and who don’t play with heart”.

“This happens because they are used to it being like this here. They are used to this. They don’t want to play for something important”, began by saying, the coach of the spurs in statements reproduced by the British television station sky sports.

“They don’t want to play under pressure. They don’t want to play under pressure. That makes it easier. That’s the story of Tottenham. The owner has been here for 20 years and they’ve never won anything, but why? Is it always just the club’s fault or of all the coaches that pass through here”, he continued.

“They risk destroying the coach’s figure to protect other situations at any time. Until now, I tried to hide this situation, but not now, because, I repeat, I don’t want to see what I saw today, because this is unacceptable”, he concluded.

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