something wrong is happening generating strong waves, check it out

something wrong is happening generating strong waves, check it out
something wrong is happening generating strong waves, check it out

The phenomenon occurs because of a dwarf galaxy, Sagittarius, with oscillatory movement, as if it were orbiting the Milky Way. This caught the attention of scientists because it was generating strong waves, capable of even moving stars.

The waves are caused by gravitational impulses. This means that the dwarf galaxy, when it passes closer to certain regions, ends up influencing the gravity of stars. Still, you can be sure that the movement is generating a lot of discussion.

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If you want to know more about the subject that is the main topic in astronomy these last few days, check out today’s newsroom. So we will show you in detail what are these waves and how do they influence other stars.

Waves in the Milky Way

As you know, the Milky Way has a spiral shape, which dictates the movement of stars and planets within an orbit. However, they have recently discovered that there are also another galaxy that passes close in an orbit within the Milky Way.

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In short, you can understand the motion as if it were a stone, and our galaxy was a swimming pool. So every time this stone falls into our pool, it generates gravity waves that affect many nearby bodiesthrowing them up and down.

Oscillatory movements

Thus, the stars closer to the “edge” of our galaxy have their motions affected. So it’s like they’re going up and down because of this force of gravity.

In general, Scientists stipulate that this phenomenon happened more than 8 billion years ago, and it’s happening now. If you want to have more news on this subject, keep following our newsrooms and don’t miss anything! Here we will keep you updated.

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