League of Legends | How to play Irelia

League of Legends | How to play Irelia
League of Legends | How to play Irelia

Irelia is a champion who has always been extremely strong in League of Legendshowever her revamp raised the character’s level and she became one of the most powerful characters in the game.

Currently, she may not be showing up much in professional competitive play, but she can still do a lot of damage in ranked play. As a character that can deal a lot of damage and can also take hits, we show you how to play Irelia and carry her team.

How to play Irelia

Irelia is an incredible champion, especially in the hands of skilled players. (Image: Publicity/Riot Games)

Irelia is a duelist, which makes her do a lot of damage, have a lot of stamina, and be able to last in combat. The champion is very mobile, using her Q, Surge of the Blade, to move between champions and minions. If Irelia kills a minion along the way, her Q resets and she can continue heading towards enemies to attack at high speed.

The champion’s W allows her to reduce damage from enemies, which is great to use if you find yourself in a situation where your opponent catches you off guard. Impeccable Duet, the champion’s E, has the possibility to stun more than one enemy, in addition to marking them for your Q to hit enemy champions and reset. Make a lot of use of this skill when possible, as you will be able to hit opponents quickly and then leave without any problems.

The champion has a solid laning phase, which can make some players get carried away and end up going up unnecessarily at risky moments. Even though Irelia is strong against tanky champions as well as fragile ones, she should be sure what she’s doing before she engages. Being a very mobile character and with very fast combos, sometimes you will find yourself in an irreversible situation for going out pressing the buttons without realizing it.

Irelia excels in mid lane and top lane. In the top lane, she will do very well in lanes against tanks, as she will be able to deal a lot of damage to enemies and continue with her active passive, which improves her attack speed and additional damage. Blade of the Vanguard, his ultimate, creates a cone that deals damage to enemies hit and marks them, which is great for using your Q multiple times on enemies and your team engaging together.

Since the champion has a lot of health and a lot of damage, you can afford to abuse Irelia’s itemization to damage enemies or even turn it into a two-on-one situation if you’re skilled with the champion. Items like the Blade of the Ruined King and Sign of Sterak are wonderful in character. As Irelia has a lot of resistance, you can be sure that if you are strong enough, you can attack an enemy under the tower, you will come out alive.

Either way, the champion needs resources to be strong in the game, so choose your matches wisely in the lane phase. If your hunter has an ability to stun enemies, it will be excellent for you to add to your E, leaving the enemy like a statue in the middle of the lane and guaranteeing the kill. Always aim to eliminate champions that are too fragile at once, especially in mid lane, where Irelia’s opponents will often be fragile assassins or crowd control mages.

Irelia the Blade Dancer’s Abilities

When Irelia hits enemies with her abilities, she gains additional attack speed stacks. Upon reaching maximum stacks, she also gains additional damage on hit.

Irelia dashes to hit her target and heals herself. If it is marked or is killed with Blade Surge, its cooldown will be restored.

Irelia charges a blow that deals more damage as it charges. She also takes reduced physical damage during this charge.

Irelia launches two blades that converge towards each other. Enemies in the crossfire take damage, are stunned, and marked.

Irelia launches a series of blades that explode when hitting an enemy champion. Enemies hit by the blades take damage and are marked. Afterwards, the blades form a wall that deals damage and slows the enemy when passing through.

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