GRID Legends heats up the heat with a new extreme winter themed expansion

GRID Legends heats up the heat with a new extreme winter themed expansion
GRID Legends heats up the heat with a new extreme winter themed expansion

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Codemasters and Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: EA) today released Winter Revelry, the fourth and final expansion for GRID Legends. This snowy, action-packed update invites players to join Ajeet Singh, beloved mechanic from the ‘Round for Glory’ story, in his own winter celebration where fast cars and thrilling races take center stage. The update introduces three exciting new vehicles, eight story events and new point-to-point drift routes to challenge players.

This release brings a series of exciting events with high-speed racing in seasonal weather conditions. Players will reunite with iconic Road to Glory protagonist Valentin Manzi and venture across five new snow-filled Okutama Sprint routes for authentic touge action. A total of 45 existing routes have also been updated to allow for boost gates and ramps via the Race Creator.

Check out the launch trailer:

Three formidable new vehicles have been added to the already extensive GRID Legends roster: the classic SRT Viper GTS-R, returning as a ‘Tuned to Drift’ variant, the BMW 2002 TII Race Car and the fearsome Bugatti Bolide, making its video game debut in GRID Legends. New sponsored career events and a host of icons, liveries and banners for in-game customization are also available in this pack.

“The holiday season may be over, but the party has only just begun in GRID Legends. More routes, boosts, ramps and fun, that’s what this ultimate DLC is all about,” said Paul Lovell, Senior Game Designer at Codemasters. “Watch out for the team paints featured in the Go to Glory story mode, now available for all male and female players to equip and have fun!”

The new GRID Legends Winter Revelry Bundle is available for purchase today on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5, and on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Deluxe edition owners will have instant access to this update and will be able to invite friends to play for free.

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