Microsoft Teams Premium launches with built-in ChatGPT technology

Microsoft Teams Premium launches with built-in ChatGPT technology
Microsoft Teams Premium launches with built-in ChatGPT technology

Microsoft has announced the launch of Teams Premium, a paid service with extra features for subscribers, and now available for testing. The main novelty is the addition of GPT-3.5 technology (the same as ChatGPT) among the functionalities, offering a more intelligent performance for meetings.

The premium service should offer AI-generated tasks like real-time translated captions, automatically meeting minutes, recommended tasks, and custom highlights. ChatGPT should highlight key moments of the meeting as a highlight and forward decisions, marking them as tasks to be carried out.

Meeting highlights will expand to include timeline markers showing who spoke during the meeting, when something was said, and the exact moment in the video. These bookmarks will be intelligently organized based on your coworkers, so you can see what your manager or coordinator said during a meeting.

This “superior plane” of Teams should also have other new features that do not necessarily depend on artificial intelligence. This is the case with watermark application, prohibition of recording by unauthorized third parties, customizable timeline markers, audio cues and predefined meeting templates.

According to Microsoft, the price charged for Premium will be US$ 7 per person (about R$ 35) monthly on a promotional basis. After June 30, the company intends to charge the originally planned amount of US$ 10 (about R$ 50) per user. You can try it for free for one month and cancel before the deadline.

Brazil should be contemplated with the subscriptions, but the price in reais has not yet been announced. More details should be disclosed by the company later this month. For interested businessmen, Microsoft even created a waiting list that will notify registered users when the service is available here.

ChatGPT in Teams

The integration of ChatGPT into Microsoft Teams Premium is the software giant’s first step in incorporating productivity AIs into its services. Microsoft is one of the shareholders of OpenAI, the company that created the chatbot, so it is natural for the company to use this in favor of its suite of solutions.

The company founded by Bill Gates plans to incorporate ChatGPT into the Bing search engine and all Microsoft 365 products, the former Office. The purpose is to streamline tasks and propose solutions like the one shown in Teams, optimizing people’s routine.

When using Outlook, for example, the smart robot could suggest a default response based on the email content. In the case of PowerPoint, the AI ​​would suggest text or graphic improvements on the slides of an institutional presentation. The possibilities are immense and will likely expand over time.

All Teams news announced today should be launched throughout 2023. Some will land next month, while others may only arrive in the second half. Anyway, these are really cool news that can reinforce the use of Teams in the corporate market, Microsoft’s main focus with the app.

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