Honda PCX 160 2023 launched in Brazil; see price and photos

THE Honda PCX 160 2023 was presented in Brazil this Thursday, September 22nd. The launch is an evolution of the PCX 150, the best-selling scooter in the country, and starts at R$15,460.

PHOTOS: All the details of the PCX 160 2023

The model arrives in stores from October in the colors metallic gray (CBS), pearly white (ABS) and metallic blue (DLX ABS). See the main news of the PCX 160:

    • New, more powerful 16 horsepower engine
    • Adoption of traction control (HSTC), in ABS and DLX versions
    • Renewed look, new panel and full LED
    • Wider inner trunk, 30 liters
    • Renewed chassis, rear suspension, wheels and tires
    • Smart key in all versions (with alarm)

Video shows everything about the 2023 Honda PCX 160:

PCX 160 2023 values

In relation to the PCX 150 2022, the price of the PCX 160 2023 can be up to R$ 770 higher. The model kept the CBS, ABS and DLX ABS versions, but Sport ABS is no longer available. See the complete PCX 160 price list (based on the Federal District):

HONDA PCX 150 2022 BRL 14,690 BRL 16,300 BRL 16,740 BRL 16,740
HONDA PCX 160 2023 BRL 15,460 BRL 17,000 BRL 17,400
Difference + BRL 770 + 700 + BRL 660

16 horsepower engine

As happened recently with the ADV in Asia, the PCX then gets its most updated version in Brazil, with a bigger and more powerful engine. The new scooter has a 1-cylinder engine and 156 cc of displacement, with liquid cooling and now 4 valves, in place of the previous 149.3 cc and 2 valves.

The engine has Honda’s eSP+ technology (enhanced Smart Power Plus), which aims to reduce internal friction and improve efficiency. As a result, the PCX 160 has an engine that yields 16 horsepower, 2.8 horsepower higher than the PCX 150, which reaches 13.2 horsepower.

The scooter continues to work with a CVT gearbox which, according to Honda, has also been updated with the improvement of the pulleys.

Honda PCX 160 2023
Image: Honda

There was also an increase in torque, which rose from 1.38 kgfm to 1.5 kgfm. Changes include larger cylinder bore and higher compression ratio, while the stroke has been shortened. The “idling stop” system, which automatically switches the engine off at standstill and restarts it when accelerating, is still present with a focus on saving fuel.

Despite the greater power, the PCX 160 is more economical, with an average consumption of 44.5 km/l, compared to 41.4 km/l of the PCX 150. In terms of maximum speed, it goes up to 111 km/h, while its predecessor reaches 99 km/h, according to data from Instituto Mauá. The engine also has a new exhaust system that complies with the Promot-5 emission rules.

Traction control and brakes

Seen in larger displacement models, such as the Forza 350 and CB 650R, among others, the Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC), as the brand’s traction control is called; the technology debuts in low displacement in Brazil with the PCX 160.

The device is available in ABS and DLX versions, but not in CBS input option. There is the possibility of turning off the system, if the user wants, by means of a command on the left wrist.

Honda PCX 160 2023
Image: Honda

Regarding the brakes, the scooter has discs on both wheels, when equipped with ABS. In the combined braking option, there is disc at the front and drum at the rear.

Chassis and visual advances

Despite clearly maintaining the PCX identity, the 160 gained a new look, which appears to be more robust. Its body has been completely redesigned, adopting a new set of FULL
LED front and rear.

In the ergonomic part, there was an increase in the platform that accommodates the feet, with a size 30 mm larger, both longitudinally and on the sides. For the croup, the handle has changed, now getting thinner.

Honda PCX 160 2023
Honda PCX 160 2023
Image: Honda

The chassis was also renewed, adopting a new design to suit the 160 engine. At the rear, two important changes: the adoption of a smaller wheel, going from 13 to 14 inches, and new 3-stage springs at the rear.

Despite maintaining the same 100 mm stroke, they were positioned at a more vertical angle. At the front, the model continues with a 14-inch wheel and the same 100 mm-travel telescopic fork.

The PCX 160 also has new-look wheels and wider tires (see all details in the complete technical sheet at the end of the article).

New panel and larger chest space

Something always important for scooters is the space under the seat. In the case of the PCX 160, there was an increase of 2 liters in the total volume, reaching 30 liters. The glove compartment has also become more spacious and has a USB port for recharging smartphones – before, the socket needed an adapter to connect the cable.

Honda PCX 160 2023
Honda PCX 160 2023
Image: Honda

Its panel maintains a similar style, but gained a new design with a wide format and LCD lighting and dark background. Among the convenience items, the in-person Smart Key is now available in all versions, including the CBS – all with anti-theft alarm.

Its tank continues with the same 8 liters of capacity, but now it has space to support the tank lid on the door that covers the nozzle.

Honda PCX 160 2023
Honda PCX 160 2023
Image: Honda

Honda PCX 160 x Yamaha NMax 160

With its new generation, the Honda scooter comes close in terms of configuration to the Yamaha NMax 160. The PCX’s starting price is lower, but that’s in the CBS option, at R$ 15,460.

As the NMax has a single version, with ABS as standard on both wheels, its price is R$ 19,690, not counting traction control. It is worth remembering that PCX ABS, with the anti-lock system only on the front wheel, starts at R$ 17,000.

DATASHEET PCX 150 2022 PCX 160 2023
PRICE From BRL 14,690 From BRL 15,460
MOTOR 1 cylinder, 149.3cc 1 cylinder, 156.9cc
FOOD Electronic injection Electronic injection
FUEL Gasoline Gasoline
POWER 13.2 horsepower at 8,500 rpm 16 horsepower at 8,500 rpm
TORQUE 1.38 kgfm at 5,000 rpm 1.5 kgfm at 6,500 rpm
CONSUMPTION 41.4 km/l 44.5 km/l
DIAMETER x COURSE 57.3 x 57.9 mm 60.0 x 55.5 mm
EXCHANGE CVT (V-Matic) CVT (V-Matic)
LENGTH 1,923 mm 1,935 mm
WIDTH 745 mm 742 mm
HEIGHT 1,107 mm 1,108 mm
BETWEEN AXLES 1,313 mm 1,313 mm
GROUND DISTANCE 137 mm 134 mm
SEAT HEIGHT 764 mm 764 mm
DRY WEIGHT 124 kg (CBS) / 126 kg (ABS) 124 kg (CBS) / 126 kg (ABS)
TANK 8 liters 8 liters
LOAD COMPARTMENT 28 liters 30 liters
FRONT BRAKE 220 mm disc 220 mm disc

220mm disc (ABS) and 130mm drum (CBS)

220mm disc (ABS) and 130mm drum (CBS)
FRONT TIRE 100/80 – 14M/C 48P 110/70-14M/C 50P
REAR TIRE 120/70-14M/C 61P 130/70-13M/C 63P
FRONT SUSPENSION 100mm telescopic fork 100mm telescopic fork
REAR SUSPENSION Two 100mm shock absorbers Two 100mm shock absorbers
COLORS Blue, grey, matte white and silver

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