Disappeared in DF was killed on account of debt of R$20 reais

The suspect who killed Ademilton Ferreira da Silva, 48, confessed to the crime and led the police to the place where he hid the victim’s body.

By Teresa Neuberger
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The Civil Police of the Federal District (PCDF) revealed, this Thursday (22), the disappearance of Ademilton Ferreira da Silva, 48 years old. According to investigations, Ademilton was killed by a rival in Vila Telebrasília because of a drug debt. The 22-year-old suspect was arrested in the act in the city of Pedregal-GO.

The victim would have been seen for the last time in the company of the suspect, according to the account of one of Ademilton’s daughters. The young woman narrated that her father was assaulted and threatened with death by the suspect on the day of his disappearance, due to a debt of R$20 related to some crack stones.

Footage from nearby security cameras captured the victim’s last moments walking with her hands tied together with the perpetrator. At the police station, in view of the evidence presented, the suspect confessed to the crime and led the team from the 1st Police Station (Asa Sul) to the place where he would have dumped Ademilton’s body.

Last moments of the victim walking with her hands tied together with the perpetrator. Images: Material provided to Jornal de Brasília.

The author killed the victim strangled, with a belt, in Vila Telebrasília and, subsequently, put the victim’s body in a bag and took him for more than 10 km, on foot, inside a cart made of recyclable material, covered by plastic bags. , to the place where it was spawned.

Searches were carried out at the site, located in a thicket on block 26 of Park Way. With the support of the kennel of the Military Fire Brigade of the Federal District, the victim’s body was located hidden in the middle of the forest and already in an initial state of decomposition.

The PCDF action was called Operation CACIA and had the support of ROTAM of the Military Police of the State of Goiás (PMGO). The suspect was charged with the crimes of qualified homicide and concealment of a corpse and, if convicted, could face a sentence of 13 to 33 years in prison.


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